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  1. Yes, it was a little rough and scaley in places. I put that down to simply spraying too heavy because there were some pinholes and fish eyes too I guess you learn something new everyday!
  2. Wow, $4 a can! Thats crazy cheap compared to what we have. The cheapest we can really get here would be the equivalent of around $9. Well I am much wiser now and at least I know what to look for. Thanks for all your help! Much appreciated
  3. Thats actually really strange because in the past I have used that combo on other items and had terrible results. The clear coat never hardened properly. Maybe the cold weather here has something to do with that though?
  4. Hi Renegade, Thanks for the quick reply. I have never heard of acrylic epoxy as a paint. I always thought anything epoxy was only a bonding material Ive had a quick look online and I think I found a can of this stuff however, it doesnt specify if it is acrylic. Is that necessary? http://www.PLEASE DO NOT LINK TO EBAY SITES. COPY AND PASTE AD DETAILS HERE - THEIR ADS GO AWAY AFTER 90 DAYS/itm/VHT-SP652-Satin-Black-Epoxy-All-Weather-Paint-Can-11-oz-/301072889936?hash=item461957b850&item=301072889936&pt=Motors_Automotive_Tools&vxp=mtr
  5. Hey guys, I have begun preparations to repaint my sniper rifle but im having trouble with what type of paint to use. I decided to post this here instead of a spray paint forum for example because I figure a lot of you will have first-hand experience of different types of paint regarding durability in the kinds of conditions the guns are in Obviously, CreaCoat or Duracoat would be the ideal solution but it is not readily available in Ireland plus it is far too expensive for me. I have already sprayed the etch primer and Im looking for a Black Satin finish and from what ive gathered, these are my best options: 1. Water based paint with 2k Clear coat (I have 2k Clear already, nice and tough but its way too glossy) 2. Some kind of oil based paint without clear coat (not sure how that would hold up) 3. Typical spray paint without clear coat (Previously done, wears quickly) Would it be possible to go with the more durable option 1 and maybe sandblast very lightly for a matte/satin effect? Im a real perfectionist with these kinds of things so if anyone could help me out with possible solutions or techniques it would be much appreciated, Thanks Stephen
  6. She's alive!!! I just threw in some more powerful batteries and did a few simple modifications to the tracer and it lights every bb. I even increased fps to about 530 and it still works like a dream. Why cant these cheap- manufacturers just go that little bit further and do something like what I did??? Wouldnt cost them much and would be better in the long run.
  7. I have only tried it on my pistol and sniper. I am pretty good at soldering and I have IR emitters and receivers laying around, so would replacing them help at all?
  8. Well its not so much of a need, more of a want. Where I live is overcast nearly all of the time and its gets dark really early during the winter so a tracer will help prolong the time I can play. You are right, .25's arent really ideal but a compromise im willing to make. An extra challenge cant hurt either I guess!
  9. Hi, I bought a Big Dragon Tracer for my sniper. It works when dropping the bb down the barrel but never works when shooting. I have never chrono'd my guns but I can estimate my sniper at 450/500 fps and my GBB pistol at 400 fps. I have also tried the tracer on my pistol too but same result. Are they just too powerful? If so, is there a way to make it work without altering fps? Also, people have said that Big Dragon arent great but I have also tried a Gemtech tracer that doent work for me either Thanks in advance
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