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  1. Hai! :D Scar L and HK G36, I would like to buy both, highly interested in the Scar L for sure. Contact me via messaging if you can. Please include: Two new photo's, with a new date please. and Your PayPal account, so I know where to forward the money Upon arrival of your message I will send the money pronto, w/ my address
  2. That PISSES YOU OFF... Let's talk about items that *might* piss you off in airsoft :D, some items include, but are not limited to..... -Springs (M130 or higher) -Female-to-Male Adapters -Male-to-Female Adapters -Small Screws, (When they get Stripped) -Wire Management -Those little Butt Plugs on your Crane Stocks, that always fall off, and then you spend the next 20 minutes finding them. Every. Single. Time. -(For some people) That "Thing" you call a container for BB's but in the end, makes you realize you're losing about 10-20% of all those BB's in there because of some hole in it or what not. -Lubrication In General. It gets everywhere. Because It only belongs in 2 places, your rifle and your gun, other than that, it's just more stuff to clean. And lastly, what I consider the evil of all gearboxes...... -Anti-Reversal Latches (OOOOOHHHH MY GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAWWWWD) What is your item of burden?
  3. Okay, thanks everyone for the feedback, I changed the shopping list a bit to fit the needs, most of them are SHS parts. Just a few tips for people who get an Echo 1/ Dboys Scar H: If you're gonna pop the gun open, please be aware that part of the wire assembly that goes into the stock has pretty crappy rubber tubing, the part where the male pins hit the stock, you'll know what I mean if you own one. Change that out with a bit thicker tubing so you don't lose connection to your battery later on. Also, if anyone can tell me how to make a hole into the stock in order to put regular wiring in that, it would greatly be appreciated because this thing does not help if you're trying to replace the wires for a different AWG rating. One last problem is that I'm using an M120, SHS High Speed, 16.1 Gear Set, and a 9.6V, it will fire a couple times but then the piston locks up, my friend has my LiPo right now so I didn't try it with a LiPo, but shouldn't the 9.6 be able to pull the whole thing? or do I need the SHS High Torque instead?
  4. Piston and Cylinder Head, a man who once owned an Echo 1 Scar said his might've been a dud model, a part of the cylinder head fell off and started causing jams into his whole gearbox. As for the shell, I ordered a Retro Arms 9mm w/ the 9mm Ball Bearings to replace the shell based off a few things: 1. CNC'ed 2. 7075 Metal Alloy 3. Already has been Radius'ed
  5. Looks cool, but there are rules about selling items, please review them in the Marketplace, which is another part of the forum, other than that, good luck with the sale!
  6. I've got a G&G CM16 Raider, and that thing is (Obviously) reliable, I've done a cleaning, reoiling, and complete reassembly twice with it to become comfortable with upgrading a Version 2 Gearbox, unless I'm installing a Mosfet, which takes soldering, I think I'll be fine with opening a DBoys Scar. The biggest thing is that I want the gun to have strong, durable parts for whatever I choose to put it into in the future. and the stock parts are mainly plastic, which scares me. I understand the investment being taken, the idea that the upgrades aren't going to be a 1 day job, and I will probably have to do a couple mods. As well as ask someone to install the GATE Mosfet that just arrived with a Li-Po TL:DR Wanna build a Holy Grail V2 Gearbox based on Durability factor w/ a M120, just wanted to see what companies people recommend based on their reputable QC
  7. I can understand the mosfet Lefse was talking about, but wouldn't running a stock box take more wear and tear overtime if I push a harder spring w/o upgrading some other parts? The Echo 1 Internals had some yellow tinted plastic. Just curious
  8. My Gun's Hop Up was waaay too high, even though it was off It also ran outta batteries switched weapons, kept fighting Ran outta ammo on my sidearm Killed 2 people, they got revived in front of me, and took me in. Got used as a "Medic" meat shield the entire game.
  9. From the Audio, To What Happens, To the Failing of Two Cameras, Can't get Worse than This: https://youtu.be/OU9fI82qDM0
  10. Need advice on a Scar H from Evike Mysteries Shooting 350 FPS on it's own, all stock parts I was thinking about buying an R-hopped barrel + Chamber set, to start with Now in terms of Gear Box, I'm looking for something that runs on 30 RPS at 400+ FPS (.2's wise) to handle .25's and .28s (obviously at lower FPS'es than 400), but I'm mainly trying to build a durable gearbox that can last a very long time: Here's a list: Ball Bearing Spring Guide Lonex Enhanced Cylinder Set for M4 / M733 / SR16 AEG's (Polished) Teflon Tape Silicone oil Shims Guarder SP130 Spring SHS 16TPA Long High Torque Motor Lonex Aluminum Ventilation Piston Head Lonex Red Extreme Toughness Piston SHS 16TPA Long High Torque Motor Lonex Sector Delayer Chips Lonex 16:1 High Speed Gear Set Lonex Sector Delayer Chips (6 pack) Does this seem fine running a 16:1 gear set with a m130 spring w/ a high torque motor? Am I missing any parts?
  11. There's apparently a new field an hour away from areas like Fort Walton Beach, Destin, and Crestview, (give or take) called Evolution, it's near the border but if you Google it, you should find it asap. Yay! Now you don't have to drive 4-6 hours to play airsoft :D Not part of their company or anything, just a shout out! ~Happy Airsofting!
  12. 300mm 6.02 - $95 363mm 6.02 - $95 363mm 6.03 prometheus w/retro arms hop up - $140 Interested in buying 2 out of 3 of the selections listed above for a G&G CM16 and Echo 1, please respond when possible
  13. You're completely right, it's a screw my bad, but do you know what the size is, or maybe where I can buy one? I don't wanna walk into a hardware store and scare someone. :C
  14. So I'm working on making a compact body for my Type96 out of wood, as a way to promote people to make homemade airsoft parts. The body is almost done, I will sand it soon and give it a beautiful wood finish, however I have a problem... I can't seem to find where to buy two body pins that connect the Type96 stock body to the internals. I also don't know if there is any housing I have to buy as well. If anyone knows the where I can buy the two pins for the body, please post. P.S. It's the pin that is usually inside the rifles body but cannot be taken out, Hex screw.
  15. Okay, I will try this, yes I do know how to use a soldering iron, and use long sleeved heat resistant gloves always. Few questions left: How will I know positive and negative on a deans connector and mini tamiya connector? Wire coloring? Or marked? Where do I place the MOSFET once I'm done installing? In the battery compartment or the Gearbox? Also, is the suggestion you gave me is the advanced installation? That's the one I want. ~Thanks! -Thep660 P.S: Your written description made more sense than the photos in the manual itself.
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