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    ASF Immigrant

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    FNX-45, gotta love that moving brick

About Me

Semi-Novice Airsofter
I Own (a):
- Echo 1 Scar H?
- G&G CM16 Raider AEG (Long)
- Echo 1 "Troy" JP-30 AEG (Externally modified into a SOPMOD, Working to install a GATE M.E.R.F. 3.2 MOSFET)
- WE Tech M-92 "Samurai Edge" Two-Tone Stainless Steel M9 (maybe M92F)
- Matrix M8OB (Modeled after the AW-338/ SV-98/ L96) Black
- FNX 45 (It's not a gun, IT'S A BRICK)


Mainly play in Georgia, but I would LOVE to play in Florida, if there were any fields in the north.

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