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  1. I'm getting a CA gearbox in a CA lower receiver today. The guy's giving me the CA upper, but it has a crack in it. Anyone know what uppers will work with it and where I can find them? I can't find any CA uppers.
  2. I'm getting a complete Classic Army gearbox and lower receiver today from a friend. He's giving me the CA upper with it, but it has a crack. I can't find any CA uppers anywhere. Do you guys know what uppers would work with it? Thanks guys.
  3. I've heard some pretty bad things about the Smith Optics goggles. What's your opinion?
  4. I'm looking for a good pair of goggles that aren't too expensive and work with a Matrix lower mesh mask. I'd prefer that they hardly fog, but everyone wants that. So does anyone with experience know any good goggles that are under $40 and work with a lower mesh mask? Thanks!
  5. I've been torn between getting A-TACS FG and MultiCam. I've heard great things about both and done so much looking to see what is superior. I feel like A-TACS would be good for where I play (woods of Massachusetts), but so many people have MultiCam. A lot of people have it because it's good! I hardly ever see anyone with A-TACS. What are your opinions? Give some pros and cons if you can think of any.
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