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  1. meh... since I can't really play all I can do is to see airsoft videos from airbros in the world... but I see that, rarely if any, has some epical and really good video edition... dude... really some are so hecking lame that only people who really loves this sports would like it, here's the deal, I will edit any footage you send me, and make it epical as hit... something worth to watch... if anyone wants to send me the footage it can PM me or contact me <AT> facebook (www.facebook.com/ulfr.riorwa)
  2. as you may know my budget is extremely limited, but, I found the fabric and the pieces to put this together for under 3$ what do you think?
  3. that was not necesary dude, sorry if I hadnt explained enough, asking was the way to get more info about me that is true but I have been living here since I was born, I have learn to seize myself food, clothing and a place to live, what I can't is afford cool things like AEG's in venezuela there is something called cambiary control, thats right, I have to sort out a lot of to get a airsoft gun but I know how to do it 1.- I cannot legally own dollars without spending 2 or more months in boureocracy or buying them in the black market, 50.000bs = 1 dollar legally, in the BM they are usually at 70-80k I earn 7.000.000 bs / month as security agent this is me with my uniform, I usually spent 6.7 million of bolivars, or 6.7k of this called "bolivar fuerte" (wich is, basically 1 bs.f = 1000 bs) in food and other items (for university) so I have room to save only 300k, that is 3 dollars less or more/month... at that phase ill buy a AEG, well, NEVER... 2.- find a sports courier that can bring the gun here, thats more affordable, for an AEG it will charge me arround 1000bs.f something I can pay for, and then I have to serialize, register and federate my AEG, thats free for me since the global coordinator of the Venezolan Airsoft Federation its my friend read up yes, I KNOW this sounds like somehting bad... but I have good intentions, I just want to play, you guys all went yesterday to the field, I went too, I played with a friend's M16, its a lot of fun, and im also good, im a marksman, I want to have my own AEG, thats all im asking help with, there is no need to come that hard with me since I just asked well... for help thanks
  4. this one looks cool too http://www.hobbytron.com/ElectricGGGR16PCQ...AirsoftGun.html
  5. well, I love airsoft, it is an emerging sport in my country, Venezuela, it has been a recurrent dream for me to practice this sport, but as I live in a country with 200%ish inflation and a barely standable petrol only economy, it is very hard for me to have an AEG... so I appeal to the kindness of this great community, to see if I can aquire a JG replica: Said replica if it is in your heart, you can buy an amazon gift card and send the code over my e-mail... Kinglengahcra<AT>-- look, this may look stupid, but not everyone has it easy... im not making myself a victim, if this post offends anyone it should be removed, and I ask apologies in advance, I just want to be part of this amazing sport... so if anyone wants to help an airbro in the world will never forget it... thanks in advance Alejandro "Roaring Wolf" Guerrero
  6. AMAZON LINK I have never owned a gun, but if I manage to put together this ammount of cash (wich is a lot for a 3rd world peasant) id buy this one (FPS airsoft regulations in venezuela allows me to use 440 fps guns) but, it really meets those 440 fps? how about quality? also, im 2 meters tall... it will fit good in my arms?
  7. woah some pretty brutal things... im drooling I wish I could have this
  8. its a requirement here in venezuela to paint replicas... if I had one id paint it in something lik this but green... I even have the tools to do so
  9. that belt looks very good, haven't you tryed to make a tactical harness?
  10. Abysswolf

    Hi !

    my name is Alejandro im 24 and im from venezuela, im a total airsoft entusiast however (this is ridiculous) I have NEVER owned a gun, since airsoft in my country is BRUTALLY EXPENSIVE, well, at least the guns are, so im starting my 2 years quest (yes I have to save that much to get a descent airsoft gun) by registering in this wonderfull place... I hope we get along very well ! and thanks for the oportunity !
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