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  1. I plan on cutting a couple of coils on my SHS spring to get under my field's FPS limit. However, I don't have a jet lighter/blowtorch available to heat the spring to shape it after cutting. I'm guessing a normal lighter won't have enough heat to allow me to shape the spring. Is reshaping the spring completely necessary? Also, I'm guessing I'd cut coils from the piston side of the spring (not on the spring guide) since it wouldn't be shaped.
  2. UfoBoat

    Revolutionary BB's?

    I'm a fool I guess......
  3. UfoBoat

    Revolutionary BB's?

    GI just announced these... I'm a bit skeptical, but what do you guys think?
  4. As the title states, I'm wonder how large the inner dimensions of the VFC 416 rails or the Dytac Geissele style rails are. Basically I want to know if its possible to fit a battery in the rail system similar to the first generation G&G "416s" (TR4-18). Thanks
  5. Is it ok/acceptable to reuse padded envelopes when shipping stuff to people? Of course the envelope should be in good condition etc. etc. and isn't specifically for Priority Mail or any other specified service. I'd assume its ok, save resources, cut down shipping cost, etc. Is it looked down upon as being cheap? What are your guys' thoughts
  6. I have a VFc conplete metal body. Pricey though. PM me if interested!
  7. I have a old style 416 VFC motor grip with went on their gen. 1s if you are interested. How much did they charge you for a new upper? I also purchased a new barrel nut from them directly and it was relatively cheap ($20 shipped)
  8. As the title implies, I have successful leveled my piston's teeth. It's a VFC stock clear polycarb piston. My guess is that I shimmed the sector too high. Also, I recently SS'd a tooth off my sector, but left the piston as it was (I know, I know) so that the release tooth was plastic and ran maybe 100 cycles through it, however after reshimming after replacing the motor the piston was cheese in less than 10 cycles and stripped all teeth save for the metal one at once, even blew out the back tooth, which leaves me to believe the sector shimming was the culprit, I don't know for sure however. Thoughts? Any other reason that could have cause this to happen?
  9. http://www.evike.com/products/51385/ Saw this on the good old Evike's New section. Looks like the VFC/G&P typ receiver. Anyone know the compatability of them?
  10. Got a 12.7 VFC URX rail, not 3.1 so not modular unfortunately. PM if interested though
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