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  1. ay thatthank you very much daishan I love that you are able to say that
  2. I realize that some people take what they learn in church literally. that is why the crusades happened. ( Knights would spread their religion with great force across the 1500 lands.) He does not need to reevaluate. you need to understand the vast amount of religions that are not the same as your beliefs.
  3. Name your favorite doctor and why he is your favorite.
  4. Daishan you are right, in some ways. When I find out when someone is gay I am completely fine with it. I do not juge them other than thinking them as gay. When a gay tell s me they are I think in my mind " ok they are gay, I do not agree with there decision but I will not make actions to lower our friendship or there esteem.
  5. I think so much time energy and money has gone into gay marriage rights that could be used for other things. I don't think that gay marriage should be entirely bothered with. Let them be gay, I don't agree with them but I let them be. All the time energy and money could be used for bigger problems like people cutting and killing themselves.
  6. Daishan I see what you are saying, but the fact remains that being homosexual is not ok by my standard. I do not in anyway judge them. I have a good friend that is bisexual and we are still friends.
  7. Daishan, the primitive habits of hunter gatherer were lost as humans evolved. We have become a more civilized people with amazing aspects. We have our own enemies such as each other. But realise this. One of the only things we kept while evolving for millions of year is being heterosexual. Everything else changed but this did not, logic would say that being heterosexual was meant to be and that is why it has stayed with us for millions of years.
  8. I do not agree with gay marriage. Yell at me I do not give a flying f$#/. I do not judge gays I simply don't support them.
  9. Which sniper rifle should I get? I want a bolt action and I have a 200 dollar budget but I would like to spend less.
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