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  1. I seem to have found the problem, I've been having this problem for a long time now and it seems all of my fixes have been temporary I guess when I thought I fixed this the first time it never was completely solved. But the motor connectors keep coming loose off the motor. I have tried replacing the motor connectors but this seems to last about a day at the field before both or just one begins to start disconnecting from the motor. I cant seem to find why they are slipping off the motor or what is causing them to get pulled off.
  2. When the motor is in my hand it seems to work just fine. When I put it in , like I said it fires a good amount of times really strong and then it will take one or two weak shots and then the next will be either half pull or no pull at all. its not my battery as I have tried multiple batteries. when I take the motor plate off and the motor raises from the mesh with teh gears, it makes a very quick and short sound like it had started to pull but gave up and needed to set itself again, then I put it all back together and it does the same thing.
  3. Ok so here is my problem, The gun fires and will cycle about 5-15 times perfectly fine and then the next shot the gun either doesn't fire at all or the motor sounds like it starts to turn but then stops. If I take the bottom of the motor grip off and let the motor raise, you can here it set like a very faint click and then im able to put it back in and begin firing again. it never half cocked the gearbox but just wont turn over sometimes. if I bump the bottom of the gun by the motor grip or on the motor grip with my hand im able to fire another 1-2 shots and then it locks again. I'm usually able to diagnose issues quickly but this one is really stumping me the past month.
  4. Recently received a boneyard Full Metal Lancer Tactical KAC PDW. Opened it up and already on the order for parts to replace the internals, not the issue. My issue currently is the selector switch is missing. not sure what options I have as far as that goes so I have a few questions. 1. Are selector switches proprietary? 2. Are there other Switches that will fit this? 3. It uses an ambidextrous selector setup, with gears, is it possible to remove the gear setup completely and just exchange it all to normal m4 switches? Video of the guns gearbox dissassembly is in this link if a visual representation of the selector setup, gearbox or reciever is needed;
  5. Thanks, helps a lot. Some people have said that the madbull Hop up can fit and will work as a replacement with a little modification, Is this true? and if so is it better? Is there any way/ tips on increasing air seal with the ICS hop up? One last thing: If I'm replacing a bucking, my gun is shooting about 400 on .2's, should I use a 60 or 70 degree bucking and is there any bucking you could recommend for increasing range? Ive heard the reaps buckings are great but I'm skeptical on whether they work or not or if another bucking is better.
  6. I Have an ICS CXP-15. I'm doing a complete front end conversion on it too a custom M4 style. Internally I need some help. I originally bought the gun because I loved the split gearbox, but now I'm debating on weather I made a good choice. I want to replace the entire upper gearbox internals. Really just for personal preference on the way my gun shoots. I've been airsofting for about 6 years now and I have had a G&G combat machine for 80% of that time. Just decided to jump in and buy an ICS, mainly for the split gearbox. Haven't really experienced with upgrading till recently so I'm quite new to this. Here's the question I have right now: The hop up unit I want replaced. If I replace the cylinder head and air nozzle will a non ICS hop up unit become compatible? I want to put in a Lonex aluminium hop up. I want to replace the Cylinder, Cylinder Head, and air nozzle. Will ASG Cylinder and cylinder head, and a guarder high precision nozzle be compatible? Do I need to replace the piston, piston head, ect as well for it to all work right? Or what else needs to be replaced for it to be compatible? If necessary I will replace the gears if it comes to that point, I just want to know what needs to be done so I can have custom built gearbox internals with the split gearbox. I know these questions probably make alot of you shake your head or want to just smack your head on something but I'm asking so I can learn and start getting into upgrading stuff. Thanks to those of you that can help. I've read alot, and googled alot but no one seems to have a confirmed correct answer. Thanks for the help :) Extra INFO: I already installed a 6.03 363mm inner barrel, Matrix Magnum Motor and an m120 spring.
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