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  1. Just a quick little video I (well, my girlfriend technically) shot, not sure if mags jamming in the magwell upon reload is an issue for a lot of people, but it sure was an issue for me. Here's a quick fix I came up with. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s5yQg53kmZk Schematic: http://imgur.com/w4DCquv There are spacers out there for LCT AKs that fix this exact issue, but because the CYMA already has "half" of a spacer there, you will have to remove your standard spacer to then use an LCT spacer, as well as having to pay money for it in the first place. This circumvents that, plus you can make it yourself out of anything you want and it's free, provided your "hands don't grow out your butthole" (as we Russians say).
  2. This is going to be a little pic-heavy, so bear with me. I was walking through my local hardware store yesterday, and I chanced upon something that changed my life. Well, maybe not my life... but it changed my evening! And so, I give you my quick and dirty tutorial on how to make a PBS1-style suppressor for your Eastern Bloc AEG or GBBR. 1. Buy two PVC drainpipes with flanges. The ones I chose are 40mm diameter for the inner (Small Pipe), and 50mm for the outer pipe (Big Pipe). You will want to get the kind with a rubber gasket in the flange. 2. Pull out the gasket from the flange of the inner pipe. You will use this to shim the narrow end of the inner barrel in the wider end of the outer barrel. 3. You also need this PVC pipe connector thing. The inner diameter is 25mm, outer diameter is almost big enough to be a perfect slip-fit in the inner pipe. You can shim it with some electrical tape. After I got it to where I needed it, I used 2 small screws to lock it in place and prevent it from shifting in Small Pipe. 4. As you can see here, the flared end of Small Pipe fits perfectly in narrow end of Big Pipe. You may need to use a wrap or two of electrical tape here to make it a really snug fit. 5. Here you can see how the rubber gasket is used to shim the Small Pipe in the Big Pipe. Just use a wooden chopstick or a Phillips screwdriver to jam it in there. Solid. 6. Heres what the "butt" end of the suppressor ends up looking like. Pretty rough, but hey, I banged this thing out in like an hour - I'll probably sit down and sand the rough edges eventually. If youre fancy, you can make an endcap out of something that will cover the gap. 7. Other end of suppressor. Im not in the US, so I can actually have little foam rings in mine without the ATF going medival on me, but if youre in the US kiddos, avoid that and make yours totally hollow. Im still thinking on the best way to make an endcap. 8. SIze comparison! Stock AKS74U flash hider compared to this PBS1. 9. A pic of the suppressor on the gun itself! 10. I made an endcap by simply cutting out a ring of PVC sheet and drilling a hole in it, and gluing it into the end of the pipe. Paint it up with flat black paint and scuff it with a bit of sandpaper, and it looks OK!
  3. PRIMARY: Cyma AKS74U, all stock so far, but will soon have some tacticool mall ninja attachments Like 6 midcaps - 3 stock black AK74 smoothsides, 3 "Beta project" AK74 5.56 mags (they looked cool, dawg) OR Dboys SCAR-H in desert tan, Aimpoint CompM2 sight, Magpul AFG 1 high-cap mag, 2 midcaps (all olive drab) SIDEARM: WE Colt 1911 Assorted Crap: A few M26 grenades CLOTHING: USMC MARPAT FROG gear by Emerson Baseball cap, like a true OG (or maybe OPerator) XBoots Mongoose tac boots Some crappy gloves in ACUPAT TMC 6094-style plate carrier in OD Green, triple-twin mag pouch, water bottle carrier, universal pouch. ASSORTED JUNK: FOXHOUND or Militaires Sans Frontiers patches (depending on how I'm feeling that day) Maybe a flashlight or something, IDK
  4. Uhhhh... good luck with that, I guess.
  5. I've seen some high-caps for M4/M16's that outwardly look like a paired "jungle style" mag, but are actually just one big highcap. I think you can find them with autowinders, but that's not 100%.
  6. You should be able to find flourescent or safety orange/red in any hardware store. That being said - why are you bothering if you don't even plan on playing? The cops certainly aren't going to search your house and arrest you for not having the proper orange tip on a toy gun that you never take anywhere.
  7. It's probably not even very useful in CQB or urban. How often do you see black walls or black floors in CQB spaces? Hiding in shadows doesn't count - your black clothes will stick out as being blacker than the rest of the shadow you're in, unless it's pitch black, in which case the color of your clothes doesn't matter at all. Same goes for night games - if it's dark, then your average camouflage will work just fine in lower light levels. It's not like woodland camo glows in the dark or something.
  8. 240Z with some bolt-on fender flares and dished wheels is definitely a timeless look. Pretty much just a Japanese muscle car.
  9. The reason they put fuses in the wiring is if the motor gets jammed up, the fuse will break instead of allowing the motor to burn itself out. If you need any tips on soldering OP, let me know. You can probably go to your local auto store and get a smaller spade-type fuse box to put in to the wiring that'll be easier to solder up. Just make sure you get the same amperage rating, or it'll be pointless.
  10. That is a pretty cool idea. Unfortunately the only battery I have right now is the cheap crap nunchuck the gun came with from the store, but a good charger and a few quality NIMH's are in my future, I think. I probably won't go LiPo just yet...
  11. I can't tell exactly from your photo whether it's a spade connector that's just unhooked, or if it's a torn wire. If it's a spade connector, then seriously, just push it back onto the other part of the connector in the fuse box. If it isn't, then it's a great time to learn to solder. I would never pay shipping back to a store in order, wait 4-6 weeks, in order for them to spend 5 minutes soldering a wire for me. Learn to solder now, and you'll be able to fix this and lots of other stuff, as well as gaining a useful skill for the future.
  12. Nissan Skyline C10 coupes are pretty beautiful, as are Datsun 240Z's. Really, most any car with interesting styling and a nice exhaust note is interesting to me, it doesn't have to be the fastest thing ever or have quad turbos or anything. Lancia Stratos, if I had to pick a single car ever.
  13. PM me regarding the camo stuff. I can take a look around the local army stores and look at some webstores as well and relay the prices to you. It'll probably only be worth my time and the shipping cost if you're looking for at least a full uniform, though. I can also get Russian-model tactical vests, rucksacks, accessories and mag carriers and such, so let me know if you need some authentic gear for your loadout. I've got the DBoys SCAR-H, essentially a copy of the VFC. I don't know if the externals are lower quality, everything else is pretty good, but the stock has some noticeable play in it. I agree on the battery fitment - the stock is tiny and a pain in the butt to fit a battery into due to the additional mechanisms inside it (I might look into just screwing the thing together at the position I need and gut all the telescoping internals out of it.
  14. Why did you decide to switch to one of those platforms? I like the M4 stock mod on your AK, is there some sort of adapter plate you can buy for that? The one thing I don't like about most folding-stock AK platforms is the wobble you get at the stock hinge. My SCAR-H has it too to some degree. I really don't see the need for a folding stock at all... If you ever want some Russian camo, let me know what pattern you want and what size you need, I'll see what I can find.
  15. I think a big part of it is probably aesthetic - lots of people don't like bullpups because they're not as nice-looking as "standard pattern" assault rifles. I personally like the way the AUG Para and FN P90 look, but there are plenty of butt-ugly bullpups out there. As Renegade pointed out already - a longer barrel length isn't necessarily as good an upgrade as you may think. The super long barrel gives you nothing unless you have room in the body for a larger cylinder. Besides, past a certain point, increasing barrel length isn't going to give you much no matter how you look at it (diminishing returns).
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