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  1. Anyone know what aftermarket springs work or what can be done to improve the mags? Right now they barely feed.
  2. I'm happy with mine, they look identical to the real ones, held up to a very high amount of Joules (for Airsoft) and fit the real Oakley lens perfectly
  3. They have the same Z87 marking as the legitimate ones and they didn't crack while being shot with my DMR at point blank (470 with .32g bbs)
  4. Just take the o ring off your piston and it should shoot below the limit. Seriously though, best option would be to change your spring to something like an m100
  5. They should be fine, I have fake Oakley SI tactical ballistic m frames and they are Z87 rated (which is fine for Airsoft)
  6. It's different from any of my free float rails... http://imgur.com/x3Vx6Wf http://imgur.com/yH8StUt Any idea on how to remove it?
  7. So the stock barrel on this gun is junk, so I bought a new one to replace it only to find that G&G uses really odd mounting hardware that I have no idea how to get off. Has anyone successfully gotten it off? what tools are required?
  8. if you tell me what glock model you plan on getting I happen to have a bin of barrels and I may have one that I could sell for cheap.
  9. G have 4 kwa (ksc) G-series guns, a G19, G18c, G26c and a G23. I bought each when they came out and they all had paint on the slide. The reason they do this is because the barrel doesnt actually extend outside of the slide so putting an orange cap on wouldn't work. Unfortunately the paint is extremely hard to get off and I ended up dremeling/chiseling it off then re-painting.
  10. Idk. so far I have gotten great results when lapping a brass barrel, there has certainly not been a decrease and normally my accuracy is improved. Then again I have only used the lower level kits on the brass barrels
  11. Don't attempt this unless you have a CNC mill. barrels require extreme precision.
  12. If krytac barrels are anything like kwa barrels, Lap that "female dog" you will get beautiful results out of it. You will NEED a new piston with metal teeth I recommend the SHS pistons. SHS Aluminum Piston Head, use loctite when installing the Piston Head, stretch the o-ring and let it sit in silicone lube for a few days. SHS Aluminum Cylinder head, add some Teflon tape when installing O-ring nozzle, I like the SHS one but most are very similar Stronger Spring, M140 neo magnet motor, 18tpa or 22tpa its your decision, 18 tpa will have a faster ROF but with less torque and efficiency. For deciding what cylinder to use I need to know what barrel length and BB weight you want to use Bucking route route -maple leaf 75 degree bucking, remove the mound and the flat hop mods -laylax bridge nub try extending the hop up window and if needed extend the barrel window to fit the full size laylax nub without cutting the tabs off. or HS5 r-hop patch original Your hop up is fine, no need to buy another one It wouldn't make a huge difference. DIY stuff: glue some foam to the front of your gearbox and the front of your body to reduce shock use some tape to "candy cane" your barrel so that it fits perfectly snug inside the outer barrel file down a little off the front of the tappet plate to allow the nozzle to rest at the front. If you have nice mags file a little bit off of the tappet "flag" (triangle thing that engages the sector gear) to allow the nozzle more time to rest before the piston moves forward.
  13. Yes I think they are a bit better although I don't think you will be as satisfied with the CA variant as you will be with your current one.
  14. all gun suck stock just the G&G's don't suck as bad, they have an amazing stock bucking. We were able to get a stock G&G combat machine carbine to shoot 250' shots with .36g bbs ~6/10. So far there haven't been any other guns that can do the same. Funny how a $140 gun can outrange a $350-$500 Krytac.
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