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  1. As the title says, my KJW 1911 KP-05 shoots high even with the hop up turned all the off. bbs are .25 gram and the distance is around 12 yards. What's up with this? It's been this way for as long as I can remember. Do I need to replace my hop up bucking or something? Any advice is appreciated, thanks.
  2. The MK18 is an M4 with a 10.3" barrel, so it's shorter and more compact. Good choice on the Masada!
  3. My dream gun right now would be a MK 18 type carbine. Rear wired, crane stock, 10.3" barrel with a 9" daniel defense rail. Yeah, that would be cool. something like this: http://www.evike.com/products/47950/
  4. I want some good airsoft youtube channels. So far I know of Scoutthedoggie, Redwolf Airsoft, Levelcap, Crazyncman, and a few others. What about you guys?
  5. Which do you like better, airsoft ops (like operation lion claws, irene, etc.) or just heading down to your local airsoft/paintball field to play? I have only played pick up games so far, and found them to be kind of lame. Bunch of kids with rental guns, people don't call their hits, fields are covered in paint from the paintballs, etc. So are airsoft ops a lot more fun? Or if I don't really enjoy pick up games would I still dislike airsoft ops? Don't get me wrong I've had fun playing airsoft at the local field. But 15 minute elimination games get old kind of quickly.
  6. I would use the gun in stock configuration for a while and then make upgrades where upgrades make sense. It's tempting when we buy a brand new gun and we want to upgrade everything as fast as possible, but really there's nothing wrong with your stock AEG. When you have experience (by playing airsoft) you'll realze there are parts you want to upgrade, and then you can tackle those individually over time instead of pouring all of your money into one gun right away
  7. Just curious what you guys like to run with for CQB -M4 short -MP5 -P90 -UMP-45 -AKS-74U -PDW -PDR etc. Any that I missed? What's your favorite? I only have a full length 20" barrel M16 so I'm looking to get into a CQB gun at a reasonable cost, just wondering what y'all prefer.
  8. I'm just curious who you guys airsoft with, none of my friends are really into the sport. (Some of them are afraid of being shot by bbs) other are just not into guns in general, of any kind. So I mostly go it solo haha. So who do you guys airsoft with? And what do you think about heading to the field solo?
  9. Not yet, I will. I meant that I was going to replace the fill valve, not the regular valve. Most likely it's leaking out the bottom because I had to replace an o ring in there once, I think I kind of crushed it by accident while installing it. I'll shoot it again today and see if any of the other problems are still occurring. But damn that thing is loud! I hope my neighbors don't mind.
  10. I went out and shot my pistol for the first time in ages. I messed around with the leaf spring a little bit, and the only problems I experienced were one leaky mag. So I don't know if the other problems resolved themselves or.....? Anyways, gbb pistols are wayyyyy louder than I remember them being. Now I just need to get a replacement fill valve for the one leaky mag.
  11. Where can I do competition airsoft shooting IPSC style? I also have an AEG that I want to compete with. I've heard of iASP are they a similar organization to IPSC in an airsoft equivalent? I like airsoft guns but I don't like to actually PLAY airsoft, so I'm looking for other things I can do with them besides going to the lame fields in my area. Any suggestions? Target shooting, competition, etc? Thanks
  12. I'll check out replacing it on my own. It will be a fun project at least. Thanks for the good instructions!
  13. I have this KJW KP-06 1911 style pistol. The thing is completely broken. Mags leak gas on the first shot, runaway full auto, slide doesn't lock back, the works. I can't get more than a few shots with it before something goes wrong. It's basically unusable. My question is, should I try to have an airsmith repair it? Are GBB pistols salvageable once they've reached this point? Or should I just buy a KWA? Here is my pistol: http://www.airsoftextreme.com/store/index....roducts_id=3862 My question is mostly about the nature of these GBB guns. Can they be repaired, or are they just cheap crap that breaks after awhile? Thanks
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