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  1. I have a highly upgraded tm g17 if you are interested. Will not be cheap though.
  2. Would you trade for a we g39 ras with an npas. It also comes with a G&P eotech with killflash. Or an ncstar scope with bipod.
  3. I have a we G39 ras with npas and a G&P eotech with killflash. Pm me if you are interested.
  4. I have a We G39 Ras gbb rifle that has an npas, a G&P eotech with killflash, an ncstar scope, and a bipod. Im looking to trade for any kind of Gbb you have especially smgs and glocks. Pm me or post if you are interested.
  5. I know you said no trades but what would you think about a We g39 ras with one mag and a G&P eotech with killflash for the g18c with some accessories?
  6. I know evike has them but I want them for cheaper. Why else would I be on a forum to buy equipment.
  7. Title says it all, looking for We G39 mags and accessories. Paypal only. Thanks
  8. Wtb a gbb cqb gun so no m14s. Also no pistols as I already have one. Lastly nothing over 200 dollars please.
  9. I have a working Lancer Tactical M4 that you can buy. Its a pretty cheap gun yet has fully metal internals and works good. plus if you succeed in your teching you have a working gun. Pm me if your interested.
  10. If anyone has a tm hi capa or an gas smg please pm me. Thanks
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