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  1. hey there airsoftforum, im in need of a lower reciever for my sr10 as the back of mine is broken, im wondering if anyone has one of the kwa km4 lowers for sale thanks
  2. sweet, thanks alot for the advice, looks like its a kjw hi capa for me, gonna be a lil while till I decide to get it but thanks so much for helping me not make a choice I would regret
  3. so what do you guys think of the we 1911 model b dragon hi capa
  4. your going to have to take the upper reciever off, to do that just remove the 3 screws hold the stock on, one screw on left and right side, other on top, then take out the pivot pin, like on an m4 lol. and should just slide off, youll just have to realign the dust cover, I just held the upper reciever upside down and aligned it then put everything back together
  5. hello ASF im having a problem with my classic army scar-l sportline, for some reason when ever I shoot it on semi-auto it will either shoot 2 bb's at once or shoot one and if I angle the barrel toward the ground and a second bb will roll out of the barrel. the internals are completely stock so im just wondering what could be wrong with it. I know a little bit about aeg's but not sure exactly what is going on with mine. when I first used the gun it was fine, but after taking it apart a couple times, mainly to get used to internals of an aeg, it started this problem, I have no idea what I could have done wrong to it as I placed everything back in the way it should be. any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you.
  6. so the questions are how much are you willing to spend and what style are you looking for, m16/m14, m4 full length, m4 cqb, sub machine guns, ak 47/74, or maybe unique guns like aug's or f2000. if I were you id go with a standard m4 with ris for around $200, I personally like the crane stock versions, also a smart charger, and 2 8.6v or 9.6v batteries, 2 so if one dies your still good. jg's, g&g's, and classic army have some really good m4's internals and externals. just look into reviews and find one that matches all your wants
  7. thanks alot guys I think ill look into getting the kjw m9, or find some nice hi-capa
  8. ive done a little research on it, and from what other sites have been saying is KJW and SIG3 teamed together and made the m93r, I like it for looks (definatly), it has the perfect fps im looking for, I found one going for $70 new, I like the full auto capability, the only con I have is that the body is plastic, although im happy the slide is atleast metal
  9. just wanting to see what everyone else thinks. I am wondering this cause my friend messes with me since I like to go by how the company has been rated along with reviews. he doesnt care about the company he just looks at reviews.
  10. hello there fellow airsofters, I am wanting to get a secondary weapon, specifically a pistol. I am wondering if there is any good company to go with or any certain pistol better than the rest out there. I am looking for one following this criteria -gas blow back -around $100 -green gas or propane -around 300fps(since thats what my field goes by) -im looking for any model, but ive had my eye on a KJW sig 3 M93R thanks for the help everyone, any opinion is greatly appreciated
  11. id say that mid caps are better, no annoying winding, silent, I have yet to have any problems with feeding or the magazine in general, and with high caps ive had to fail feeding tons of times and its broke on me twice.
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