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  1. Hey I appreciate the interest but I quit looking almost a year and a half ago. Good luck selling it though!
  2. Hey Guges, I messaged you, there is a little issue with the receiver.
  3. My lonex gearbox will not fit into the jg receiver no matter how much I file it. Im specifically looking for a G&P or King Arms M4 metal receiver. Not looking for a specific set of trademarks although Colt and VLTOR take priority if they come up. Paint is ok, and minor scratches and scuffs are ok as well. Not looking to spend an arm and a leg but I am flexible depending on which receiver it is.
  4. Sorry to bring this thread back, I recently installed a guarder frame, slide, outer barrel, and recoil spring onto my pistol. Although it looks great its running into some cycling issues again. It has the typical problem where the hammer catches on the nozzle housing so I'm getting a guns modify zero hammer which should solve the problem. But it also is catching on the outer barrel as well. The outer barrel doesn't always tip upwards like it should so the slide gets stuck right before the hammer would hit the nozzle housing. The slide will go back but it won't come forward unless I manually push the barrel up and back. I can't seem to find a solution on the internet so I was wondering if someone has an idea on how to fix it?
  5. That makes sense, I used to have a KWA 1911. I actually just lubed the slide rails and nozzle and tested it, back to normal! Thanks!
  6. Silicon oil lol. Ive been told multiple times that it basically eats away seals and hop up rubbers, I was just wondering if there was something else you recommended. I guess thats a no then?
  7. Oddly enough, the problem seems to have partially self corrected. The rounds are loading fine but the gun isn't locking back when empty. Piston lid and Loading nozzle are in fine condition but could use some lube. I know silicon oil isn't ideal, what should I use?
  8. Hi, it's been a while since I've posted here. I have a totally stock kjw g23 and it's finally giving me issues after 2+ years. It will fire, but the slide does not go back far enough to load a bb. I've heard that the kew guide rods tend to have an issue after a while but mine seems perfectly in tact. I've ruled out the magazines entirely because they work fine with my kjw g27. My guess is that there is an issue with the guide rod or guide rod spring, or possibly a problem with the bbu? haven't had a look at it so I'm not sure. Any suggestions would be great. Thanks in advance!
  9. You could cut the mesh mask to better fit your face. You should be able to bend it a little. An alternative is to use a face wrap like a balaclava (not sure if I spelled it right) doesn't give as much protection but it's much more comfortable. I know a guy that uses a mouth guard of some kind, but it doesn't impede his speech all that much.
  10. ^evike has free shipping on orders over $80 if you use the code freeship
  11. Well you'll need something that has the correct trades on the receiver. For a mk18 mod 0 you'll need the mk18 receiver For a mk18 mod 1 you'll need a colt m4 receiver. Over put a lot of time into building my mk18 mod 1 so I'll be willing to help you out with your questions.
  12. Say10

    Krytac .28 bbs

    Does anyone have any experience with these? My field doesn't require bio bbs, and I'm running low. Just don't want to buy these and they turn out to be trash. I'm beginning to think that my feeding problem is because of my bioshot bbs
  13. John carpenters's "The fog" and not the garbage remake from 2005 To be honest the original was pretty bad too, and I don't know why I like it. The sinister movies were good, tucker and sale vs evil was hilarious, and hot fuzz is a good one.
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