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  1. Thanks for the replays everyone. I'm thinking for going to my local hobbytown and seeing if they just have a battery that's close to it. I know right away they are going to recommend I "upgrade" or "use this" I hope I don't go for the bad choice.
  2. At least 3+ years yes. It's the stock miah battery I think the 8.6 I was looking at upgrading to the 9.(6?) volt battery but I heard it screws up the gun. Would batteries+ have the battery? Just looking to shoot it around for fun and not be in wars anymore.
  3. No click. Decided to dig into it, I took to leads on the + and - of the motor and took it to a battery, sure enough (while the trigger was being pulled) the motor turned over. So I am assuming the battery is shot. Correct?
  4. Hey everyone new to the fourm's here. I have what I think a cybergun thompson m1a1 automaic airsoft gun witch wont turn on fire or do anything really. I bought the gun new about 4-5 years ago. Tired turning it on today and nothing. Battery is good (hot from charge) and a new 20 AMP fuse has been put in and nothing happens. Ive never taken it apart and only have used it a handful of times. Could the motor be burnt out? It was a fun gun looking to get it back up. Let me know if you have any thoughts or leads. Thanks, Nick
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