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  1. Hey guys, recently I bought a Tenergt Balance LiPo charger. And a 11.1v 1600 mAh Tenergy LiPo. So because I'm new with this, I also bought a LiPo bag if something goes wrong. Okay, my doubts are: After the first charge. Let suppose that today, because I got also my first gun, I want to test it, so, I charge thr battery and then use it like 10 minutes. What after that? I only put the battery in a safe place? Because the next time I play I think it will be this Sunday or the next one. Okay, after that, if I play this Sunday like.2-3 hours, what I need to do with LiPo after? Sorry, I know the best was buying an Acuccel 6 or IMax B6, but I didn't find them. So past things. I couldn't do anything right now. Buying charger like that by Hobbyking will be here in 1 month and I can't wait more to shot the gun. Please, could someone give me more recommendations about charging with this charger? I would appreciate all the help. Oh, also I know this charger may don't last many time, then I would order a better one Regards
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