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  1. AIRSOFT XTREME EVENT - OPERATION: RED CHINA RISING BREAKING NEWS…. It appears that the international intelligence agencies have once again green-lit a Chinese based nuclear attack on the United States of America. China is now America’s top enemy and revelations show that a new U.S. vs. China cold war is imminent. The impending Pearl Harbor like surprise attack will likely commence with an EMP (electromagnetic pulse) attack on U.S. satellites and defense systems in the Pacific Theatre, ultimately rendering U.S. based radar and electronic warning systems useless. Shortly thereafter autonomous drones armed with nuclear weapons will likely be launched from Chinese ships and nuclear subs in the Pacific Ocean. It is up to the United States Spec. Ops. teams to infiltrate the Chinese base to gather the codes to destroy the weapon. Team Alpha: Must codebreak the defense satellite grid being used by enemy forces. The electronics specialist needs to set up the satellite receiver at certain grid locations on the field. Once the receiver is set up they are to radio HQ. They must hold the location for a duration of 10 minutes while the receiver gathers the necessary information. Team Bravo: Tasked with trying to retrieve the necessary scattered codes and the ones from the protected enemy HQ and to provide harassment to the local patrols. Chinese Guerilla Forces: Stop and eliminate the Spec.Ops. and prevent them from accomplishing the satellite break and stealing the code sheets. http://www.livairsoftxtreme.com https://www.facebook.com/events/1486461694971358 Airsoft Xtreme Family Shooting Range is holding an epic event at their new Airsoft Park in New Richmond Wisconsin just outside of Somerset. You will not want to miss this! We recommend ages 10 and up for this themed scenario that requires teamwork, strategy and physical fitness. Please join us for Xtreme's first big airsoft game.
  2. Airsoft Xtreme - Airsoft on the Edge New Field Just Opened July 4th New Richmond WI / Somerset WI next to River's Edge Campground Stay and Play this weekend or any weekend until snow flies. You can view our facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/airsoftxtremewi Our website is at http://www.livairsoftxtreme.com We have a general store at the campground, rent cabins if you don't like to tent it or don't have an RV. Basic camping at one site is $25 for up to 4 people. All Ages Welcome, Kid Friendly Airsoft Park Open for Walk On Games Sat & Suns 10-5 Order Guns n Gear from http://www.airhardtactical.com and it will be delivered to the field for your convenience Admission - $15 Rental Packages are $20-$35 Teams welcome and games will be decided with your opinion. Your opinion counts!! Videos and pictures are on facebook and website! Come check us out!!
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