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  1. So CYMA blowback is better? And is the rest of the gun good quality for $180? Internals, gearbox, externals.....
  2. So what I am hearing is that electric blowback can be bad/cause wear and tear? And javelin is not the best. I'll look for some more.I'll look into 16kuokhc1's Ak but I really like folding stocks...it makes it more versatile because I am not made of money and can't afford more expensive guns. I also like the look of a tactical Ak but if it has really good internals and performs well for its price...I don't care as much what the externals are like.
  3. Haha yeah that was what I was thinking. Apparently they ship the wrong battery, and a few had problems with blowback, but it was an easy fix(there was a video on how to fix it). How about the CYMA AK?
  4. OK! Sorry for not responding right away. I think I have found a few aks that I like. http://www.airsoftmegastore.com/1278-440-fps-cyma-aims-ak-pmc-ris-full-metal-ebb-ak47-aeg-airsoft-rifle.aspx This one is a little over my budget but seems like a nice gun. http://www.airsoftgi.com/mobile/product_info.php?products_id=7316 This one is on sale real cheap. It just caught my eye because it was 220 dollars. Both are full metal, which is pretty cool. Please tell me if you think one is better or which one I should get or at least a little feedback. Thanks all!
  5. OK thanks! I've got it narrowed down to CYMA Ak. Could you guys tell me about the different styles of AKs? Like size power, accuracy, or include a link for somewhere I can find out myself? That would be very helpful. Thanks again for being so helpful!
  6. I meant recommendations for actual products. With my luck I will most certainly choose the crappiest AK 150 dollars can buy.
  7. I think I'll get an AK 47. Its sounds like CYMA Is the best for my budget? And if I can get some recommendations that would be great. If not, I can find one on my own but I am not experienced in gun buying at all, so any help is appreciated. Thanks!
  8. I am still unsure of what gun to get. Which type gun (M4/M16, or AK) would be most useful to a beginner like me?
  9. Cool I'll check them out. I've heard positive reviews about them.
  10. Then do you know any good sellers for used guns? And also I apologize if this is a little off track but If I were to not get an M16 then what gun type or rifle type would you recommend to someone like me starting airsoft? I already know its gonna be an AEG. Thanks!
  11. Thanks for replying so quickly. I'll look into your suggestions. I suppose I do not need full metal as long as it is durable but a metal gearbox is a must.
  12. Hello Airsoft community! I am new here and to airsoft. I am looking for an inexpensive AEG M16 Rifle. I have a budget of 150 dollars. Do not tell me there is nothing at that price that isn't a piece of crap. This will be mostly for long range combat because I am terrible with a sniper. It will not be used in cqb. I want metal internals for sure. Thank you!
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