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  1. I am quitting airsoft. I am selling everything, no trades. Please email me at christopherahmad86<AT>gmail.com if interested. Pics can be seen in the craigslist ad below http://sfbay.craigslist.org/pen/spo/5787917656.html 1. Tokyo Marui M870 (350) with Angry gun gas tube (180), MOE STOCK (40), HPA Adapter, TM shell holder (20), plus a whole bunch of shells. I also have the oem Stock, and the original gas valves if you don’t want to use HPA. I will sell the entire thing for $400 2. Tokyo Marui HK417D recoil shock (635), 3 total mags (37 each), battery and adapter (40), bipod, tac light, - I will sell all of this together for $550. This gun is sold out at most places, you might be lucky to get one in Japan and pay 60-80 shipping. This will come with the original box . I will sell for $550. 3. KWA Kriss Vector - This comes with 8 mags with HPA taps, I also have the original gas valves too I will sell this for $850 picked up 4. KWA LM4 Comes with 6 mags (1pmag), surefire light, noveske amplifier, red dot/laster, moe grip, magpul stock, noveske rail Selling for $375 5. Tippman m4 – comes with 2 mags, fortis rail, magpul grip, moe stock, and suppressor Selling for $450 6. Tokyo Marui G17 – fully upgraded internally, 6 mags, TLR-1 HL, custom kydex to fit gun with TLR, comes with all extras pictured, Salient Arms metal slide airsoft surgeon $400 7. Tokyo Marui M&P – 💎LTD Ryan custom 💎 Comes with Tokyo Marui m&p X4 Tokyo Marui mags X4 Tokyo Marui Russian adapters,6.01 pdi 75% maple leaf Sai slide 120% recoil spring Chaos Figgy custom stippling, Vtac night sights, comes with hardshell holster $400
  2. Can I buy any regular hpa tank for airsoft or does it have something special to make it for polarstars. I have a redline firebase regulator. On all of the airsoft store sites, it sells tanks that say MADE FOR pr-15 or made for airsoft...so this is why it is confusing. I am about to buy a hpa tank from a paintball guy on craigslist..I just want to make sure. Thanks
  3. I am looking for a silencer for my m4.. name your price and what brand
  4. Hey, I have the same gun... how did you get the orange tip off? Just saw it with a hacksaw?
  5. I just bought a brand new H&K USP .45... I went airsofting with it for an hour. When I got home I was testing it out. It will not shoot bb's at all. After 3 trigger pulls it just shoots gas out everywhere. I tried 2 different magazines.. both will allow 3-4 trigger pulls and it just expels all the gas. I inspected the gun and a couple of bb's got stuck. I reassembled it and took out the stuck bb;s and still the same problem... now everytime I shoot, a bb will go in the chamber and gas will just shoot out again. What is the problem? Can I return the gun without any problems? Thanks
  6. I am new to airsoft so I am wondering if I should buy a mouth guard for a full mask. The place I am going to rents full masks but the breathing holes look really big and a BB can go through there. I want to get a mouth guard and wear it when I am wearing a full mask. Will I look like a jack<AT>ss or are people doing this.. I REALLLLLY don't want to get my teeth chipped.
  7. Thanks for your reply. So I do not have to wear full seal goggles UNDER the facemask? THe visor will be safe enough?
  8. Hello, I am going airsofting for the first time. I tried to google but I can't find any specific answers on my questions. 1. If I wear a full face mask, do I still have to wear sealed goggles underneath for eye protection or is the UV shield enough for eye protection? Something like this mask http://www.airsoftextreme.com/store/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=254_673&products_id=7277 2. If I wear a full face mask is there any chance of a bb going through and hitting your teeth? Like the face mask has breathing holes where the mouth is....can a bb make it through and chip your teeth? Can you wear a mouth guard/should you wear a mouth guard underneath the face mask? That is all. Thanks in advance
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