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  1. Hey Airsofters!! I have wanted a Bizon for a LONG time. And it seems like lately a FLOOD of bizon smgs have entered the market. They all look the same and not very much info on them. The 3 I can think of is one by LCT, Echo1 and Silverback. As I understand it, the Silverback looks the best but has some flaws (bad selector switch, bad stock and small magazine space), The LCT is very upgradable and the Echo1 is a plastic monstrosity, but thats all I have found :D. So can anyone tell me which I should look into and why? Trust me, if KWA or Tokyo Marui made one I would buy it in a heartbeat. Im looking for realiability, longevity and performance. And also I really want it to be metal! THANK YOU!!
  2. Ok, so I have in fact used this gun at a match I was recently at. The gun is mostly plastic and had solid but not very impressive performance. It didnt shoot badly at all, but it just was not very accurate and I had a lot of trouble hitting targets with it. The range was so bad at some times I had to aim up like a grenade launcher to hit stuff. As for the actual feel of the gun, it feels like one of those clear plastic Big 5 guns that cost 59.99. Not good. I found the trigger to feel very plasticky and cheap. Actually, now that I think of it, that pretty much describes the entire gun! Basically, what im trying to say is DO NOT GET THIS GUN. Get an aug, it is much sleeker, parts are more redily available and the augs are just built much better.
  3. sounds good. Honestly from the reviews I have read of the vietnam style m16s is that the grip is very wobbly and hollow feeling. Right now I am seriously considering the JG DMR (M16 UFC). When buying these things I am really only looking for a gun that works and looks good, other than that as long as I can shoot farther than a spring pistol, im good. My expectations are pretty low and judging from the reviews on this gun, it sounds like a good choice for my play style.
  4. Ok, so I've been looking around for some good guns and here are some im interested in. BTW the gun I buy must be from evike.com because I have store credit from there. http://www.evike.com/products/30447/ AK-74M by CYMA http://www.evike.com/products/31862/ M16 UFC by JG http://www.evike.com/products/43148/ M16-VN by JG http://www.evike.com/products/28120/ M16-VN by JG (older version) http://www.evike.com/products/30418/ M4 Combat Machine by G&G
  5. In terms of the original JG MP5 breakage, basically when I finally got it to work it shot a couple but every 3 bbs it dropped a few out the barrel which I thought was a misfeed magazone problem. Then one day, when I held down full-auto it made the gearbox cycling noise but I felt no movement inside the gun and bbs just poured out the barrel!
  6. OK, I started an account on this forum to ask you guys a question. Basically I am looking for an AEG. And here is why I am asking you guys. Back in christmas 2012, I recieved my first AEG, a JG MP5-A5. It was totally un-usable as the charger that came with it had no electrical output. we contacted airsoftgi and they sent us a new charger.That charger did not fit the battery though so we had to call them again and ask for a new battery. They sent us a new battery but it didnt fit the charger. So we called again and they sent us a wire that converted the new charger to the new battery. Finally, the battery charged but when I put it in the gun (1 month after I had recieved) it turned out that the gun shot a couple of times, misfed then the gearbox just exploded, cracked and died. So there goes my first airsoft aeg, a crappy chiniese aeg that took weeks to actaully get to WORK AT ALL and in the end didnt even work. Anyways, fast forward to a couple weeks ago, I decided to try spring sniper rifles because I knew at least thos would work right? so I ordered an A&K dragunov and when it arrived it was awesome, but I didnt really like playing as a sniper, I was sick of the aeg toting commando gunning me down in the field. So I returned it and now here I am. I have been researching for months and it seems like every time I find a great looking full metal gun, somebody on a forum says that it is crap. So basically what I a trying to say is that I am looking for a reliable ak,m4 or m16 aeg. Noting exotic or hard to find because im sick of my airsoft guns breaking. My price range is around $170 and im looking for full metal and real wood, though I do know that some plastic m4s are pretty good. Also I really like fixed stocks, no folding please. Thanks a bunch, and I will be back to check on the results!
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