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  1. That would be nice. How would I do that though? Edit: Nevermind, I'm gonna go with the polymer one. Just for the sleeker, more modern look. I'll probably wrap some camo around it anyways. Also, why is this http://www.airsoftmegastore.com/8063-440-fps-svd-metal-airsoft-aeg-dmr-sniper-rifle-cyma-cm057a-black.aspx quite a bit cheaper than the one on Evike? (Also how do you do the text-link thingy? I'm sorry for my noobyness. :P)
  2. So I tried to post on the /r/airsoft subreddit but it seems they have a spam filter that removes new users posts. I contacted one of the mods and he replied saying he would approve my posts. That was three hours ago, and any posts I make are still being deleted. Did anyone else have this problem? Thanks. (Also apologies if this is in the wrong forum)
  3. Ah I see. Thanks. But now I have to decide. Wood or polymer... urgh.
  4. I saw that one. I just didn't know why it had Matrix in its name. Anyways since I made that post I've decided to go with the black polymer furniture instead... I think. Honestly I can't decide. They both look so good... ugh.
  5. I've been looking around for an AEG SVD to get... my budget is around $300 so definitely not the Real Sword. So far I've been leaning towards the CYMA, however I cannot seem to find one with wood furniture. If anyone knows where I could find one that would be extremely helpful. Thanks.
  6. Alright I'll see. I want to learn how to shoot right handed anyways, so it doesn't matter too much to me. So what's a good AUG out there? JG? Some people say it's too heavy.
  7. Ok cool. Now I just have to learn how to shoot right handed. :D
  8. Ok so I think I may get an ICS L85. Right away I'll be putting a tightbore barrel on it. But would I need a rail mount? I definitely don't want to use a $100+ dollar SUSAT sight. How could I fit a conventional RDS sight or scope on it?
  9. Oh ok. Thanks. I'll keep looking around. See what I find.
  10. Oh, okay. I didn't know that. So what bullpup would you recommend? Any caliber. http://youtu.be/mAyZDWhximY?t=3m45s And what's he holding there at 3:45? Is that an AUG?
  11. So I'm looking to get a bullpup weapon to use as a sort of DMR, but I'm just looking for one that's pretty accurate. I do plan on upgrading in the future but until then I'll use it as a normal assault rifle.] My budget is $300. I also want there to be a sort of realism to it, since most DMR's are 7.62 caliber, or around there, I would want it to be a weapon of that caliber. (I know it doesn't matter in airsoft) I was thinking maybe and SVU? I'm not sure. Thanks.
  12. Haven't thought about who. Maybe me. Maybe one of the guys at a local airsoft store.
  13. That's true... I probably have 100 to spend on mods at the moment... I will have more to spend as time goes on. But the reason I want a DMR is because I want something accurate... With my budget would I just have more luck getting a bolt sniper?
  14. Well my budget is in the OP, and my last post, but it's $250. Not much, but I need money for upgrades. I've looked at any M16's I can find in my budget. A&K, JG, Echo1, etc.
  15. That makes sense... I don't know though... I kind of want something different. I might get an M16... what M16's can you recommend under $250? Preferably with RIS but it doesn't really matter.
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