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  1. Saw it when I already posted it, late. And I can't edit on m phone.
  2. Hello, my name is Ivan. I live on a small island in south croatia. I joined this forum because I like to be in a friendly enviroment where I can discuss abour things I like. I'm about to buy my first rifle and I going to need your help. :D Me and my friends got pretty big field for airsoft(60 000m2) and now we are all working on it. I really hope Ill have a great time here on this forum. Cheers :))
  3. Ouch, Euro mark doesn't work. Sorry :(
  4. Okay so, my budget is about $200 for the rifle, but im going to invest alot to upgrade it in the next few months. For that price, I found Snow Wolf M24(sw04) and Snow Wolf VSR-10. I'm reading alot about those two rifles I the last three days, and I still can't decide which one should I get. People say that VSR is overall a better rifle, with some good stock parts that don't need to be instantly replaced, unlike M24 where thats not the case. Also, that it's much easier to find new upgrade parts for VSR. Is that true ? But next two things confuse me the most. VSR is about 50mm longer, looks similar to M24, but still weights about 1,2kg less. Does that mean build quality of M24 is better ? Also, M24 comes with scope only, while VSR comes with scope and bipod, and still cost a dollars few less. Why ? Sorry for being a noob, but I'm new I this and this is my first post. I appreciate all your help, cause I need it more than anything now. Thank you ALOT :)
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