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  1. Update:LBS bb's solve the feeding problem and it shoots well with all the mags, however, the selective fire modes, doe's not work as it should, it's like, when I switch to full auto and fire it, it shoots fine, til I release the trigger and trying to fire again, then it acts like on safe, and after some trigger jiggling, it works again, and then it's not.I've aligned the gears properly, semi and safe modes acts fine, but, I can feel it, like, on the full auto, the trigger is being caught a bit with something before I press the trigger fully, so, what are your thoughts ? https://imgur.com/a/ZOa1PBP
  2. Thank you kindly Buddy for your help, I mean it!By the way, what are the solutions to fix the mags, I heard you can file the follower a little, and put a bb behind the spring of the mag to increase it's tension, I mean, is it worth it to fix those mags or just replace them instead?
  3. So, should I try CYMA mags to test it, or what brand would you recommend on E&L?
  4. and is there any modification to be done in order to fit CYMA steel high mag into an E&L?I wan't to try if cyma's mag feed better than E&L's, or should I try different mag brand ?
  5. https://imgur.com/a/tQvORPn https://imgur.com/a/7YX1K8g
  6. Yeah buddy, I know, it's just that, the gun itself hates the gearbox, but don't worry about, gearbox is working, I just put some duct tape on it, but yeah in general, the gearbox always getting caught in the way, so there is no way totally safe way to getting in and out without scratching, and you mean this cut-off lever ?Yeah, the spring is in place buddy, all springs are in place.
  7. I see, thank you for clarifying that buddy, yet, I've discovered another problem, when I select full auto it shoot while I hold it, when I release and try to shoot, it acts like on safe, and then again it works and then again it acts on safe, but interestingly enough, it happens when the battery is plugged in, when I disconnect the battery, and then try selector, it acts fine, it's weird... https://imgur.com/a/uefqNIE https://imgur.com/a/BtPd7Gm https://imgur.com/a/tQvORPn
  8. You mean degrees on the rubber part, like this for example, Degree and color / Recommended power range : 50 : Less than 110 m/s (1.2 J) 60 : 90-120 m/s (0.8-1.5 J) 70 : 110-140 m/s (1.2-2 J) 75 : 130-150 m/s (1.7-2.25 J) 80 : over 150 m/s (2.25 J)
  9. I see, hmm, I suppose you are right bud, bussiness is bussiness... But on the on other hand, could be, by any chance it's the mag's fault?And what about the hopup, is worth it to upgrade it on an E&L ,to say, cyma, maple leaf, or shs hopup units?
  10. A caliper?Hmm, I think not, just a couple of rulers.Yes, I remember I've tried bls, they actually indeed worked great, so as the ASG Devil bb's, but, I don't know, I kind of never thought that would sa bb's would cause any trouble as I read that people use these bb's in their E&L's, so, I thought it should work in mine, too, also, I've compared the diameter of both, BL'S and SA'S, as it says on their website it's 5.95 mm +/- 0.01 on both of the packages.Also, just like several hours ago, I've completely disassembled the gearbox and when I tried to inspect parts for any damage, I haven't found any, just TONS Of grease, and bit of dirt, so I've put it back together and tried to shoot, it shoots, but, for the record, I've took some photos of these parts, in case I missed something. https://prnt.sc/ucmdgw https://prnt.sc/ucmdqz https://prnt.sc/ucme9w https://prnt.sc/ucmeij https://prnt.sc/ucmevr https://prnt.sc/ucmf2w https://prnt.sc/ucmfis
  11. Hello there, around a year ago I bought an E&L ELM ak together with 5 steel mags, and recently, I don't know what, but,gun started to misfeed, doublefeed, or after inserting a new mag, the few bb's will mostly ALWAYS comes out through the barrel and then continuing firing it, it starts to feed well, and then again, it causes problems.I am using 7.4v lipo, and currently I'm using specna arms bb's, .23's and .25's, and also I've noticed, that, when it feels it's not feeding, and I take the mag out, it seems that the bb's, are either stuck or not being picked up by the spring's tension, like you can see that they are a bit more farther down the down, but, when I either shake or give a little knock, the bb's coming out behind the follower where it should be, so what are you think the problem could be, personally, I think all mags are misfeeding or doublefeeding or just not shooting at all, I just can't really confirm that all mags are like that, but yeah, majority of cases they all causes the same problems.Also, I've disassembled the gun and took out the gearbox and the hop-up unit, which both seems to be fine, when I put a bb in the chamber, the hop-up holds it, so I guess, it's not the hop-up unit then, yet, I haven't directly accessed the gearbox itself, the gun shoots fine without the mag, when Insert the mag, I get a really weird sound when I pulling the trigger, either on semi or auto, and no bb's coming out the barrel during that time, and also I may add, that, sometimes, fire selector does not work properly, like it's catching, but, it's more like, if I go from safety to semi, and then again to full auto, it acts like safety, the trigger is blocked, so I go back again to the safe mode, and then again to the full auto and it works again, is this common with E&L's or just in general with AEG's ak's ? https//prnt.sc/ubz0jc https://prnt.sc/ubz150 https://prnt.sc/ubz1pk https://ibb.co/nMDcmtT
  12. Hello guys,recently,I had to disassembly p226 completelyy for the first time in order to get all the sand out of it ,and I did.But,assembly is much more complicated than I thought,for instance,everything is back in its place,but when it comes to the trigger mechanism,it I have to press the sear manually in order to let hammer struck the knocker,yet,the knocker,does not move at all,it's like,I don't think there is broken/lost parts,cause I've pretty much counted all of them,but whatever I do,I can't trigger mechanism get working again,especially if I put the hammer struck into the gun,it's like I can't it at all,do you have any ideas what went wrong with the assembly,I would really appreaciate it. https://prnt.sc/suf743 https://prnt.sc/suf7ij https://prnt.sc/suf7xn https://prnt.sc/suf88g https://prnt.sc/suf8kq
  13. Hello guys,is there any fix without buying the actual part ?
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