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  1. Hello guys,is there any fix without buying the actual part ?
  2. Hello there,recently I started having firing problems with my kjw 700,when I :censored2: it and returning bolt to its original position and then pulling the trigger,it seems that it doesnt work,you can hear click in the trigger mechanism but the knocker don't do a thing and when I hit on the bolt it fires,whats that?
  3. Hello there,what do you guys use for both aeg and gbb guns to lubricate them?Silicone only and or mixed with gun grease,and whats your opionion on the gun oil types?
  4. Could be that the trigger spring could be broken,since it doesn't reset,or it could be the knocker worn off or that's because ya using the V1 version my dear friend! ;)
  5. yup I agree,WELL received A LOT of negative reviews and just a few's is reliable,better to stick with KJW,KWA,GHK,if ya want a gbbr.
  6. hello guys,recently I bought it the kjw m4 v2 carbine and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE ITTT!!!!!But there is one HUGE disadvantage,there is no full auto as if it was removed,so my point is here,is ther any way to I don't know... make it shoot at full auto?Cause I can select auto,but it only shoots semi shots :( and by the way,what kind of ris\mlok,buttstock upgrades would fit on this gun and the most importantly ,just how hard it would be to convert to m16 ?thanks :)!
  7. Usually if its not feeding properly it could be the bb,'s:their quality,their weight and how dirty they are.2nd,it could be that some moving parts (especially the nozzle) either not moving far enough or just worn off,for example:lack of lubrication ALMOST ALWAYS,cracks or broken parts that are moving during the shooting.3rd,sometimes it could be the gas and the magazine itself gives ya heck of problems mate,for example:if the the temperature is too low,it would cycle just for e few shots or not shoot at all,if the magazine worn off too,then its REALLY POSSIBLE that it would leak or the parts inside the magazine needs to be replaced,but if I were you,I would dissasembly the whole feeding system and probably the whole gun to look for ANYTHING out of ordinary.
  8. Oh so it's like,revolver just for storing?
  9. Thanks!I'll keep that in mind sir,but,isn'the it Tanaka internals made from zinc?
  10. Thanks!I'll keep that in mind sir,but,isn'the it Tanaka internals made from zinc?
  11. Hello guys,I'm a really fan of the wild west and I decided to buy one baby for myself,just I don't know which brand and which is the best and reliable,since there is wingun,umarex,tanaka and such.
  12. Yes,it was indeed mate,the whole that bayonet together with the hopup unit,was wobbly,so like you can turn it to left and right so appearently the hopup would turned to the left,so I disassemblied again and I found it out that it indeed it was moving,so I screw it up everything tightly and then It haven't moved,but,it still goes to high or too low :/ mate
  13. see mate,that's what I'm trying to do all the time,first hopup and then the scope,and then BAM!!!,after you thought you adjusted it the hopup correctly,the bb's starting to act strange,and yes scope is the second thing.I just don't know really know what could it possibly be,since the hopup is kind of a pain in the :censored2: to adjust,since you need to takedown the rifle in order to do it,so yeahh.....But at which bb's weight you've been adjusting your hopup mate ?
  14. Hello there,Currently I'm having problems with adjusting my hopup and my scope at the same time on my kjw m700 takedown.It's like whatever I adjust it,it seems that it's has nothing to do with the hopup itself,so I'm wondering shouldn't I adjusting in the windy area or in the cold area ,and maybe use different bb's weight for adjustment.Help is really appreciated guys. https://prnt.sc/jblimu https://prnt.sc/jbliug https://prnt.sc/jblj14
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