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  1. That's exactly what I had in mind, bigger mass needs bigger force to move it out the place, because I seriously haven't seen many airsoft guns that have blowback function and that their moving parts would be made from a solid steel, unless it's a ghk, but I'm not sure about ghk, yet what if you use hpa with a steel parts, would it cycle better than co2/green gas ?
  2. Makes sense buddy, but just in theory, if you can get a steel slide for an airsoft gun, I mean is the co2/green gas power would be enough to cycle the steel slide or it's just for the look? I've always wondered that way
  3. I see... and what about KJW's hi capas, are they have a better metal quality ?
  4. Yeah... well... is there some kind of way to fix it or atleast try ?
  5. With a magazine yes, and when it comes to the slide stop, sometimes I need push harder the slide lock to release the slide, but when it comes to lock with no mag, it kind of feels like it's getting stuck with the slide, like in those pictures you can see that the slide stop (since it was bent) comes a bit too close to the slide so at that point I can't lock it, I must kind of play around a bit or just push on the slide lock pin a bit to away from the gun just a tiny bit in order to get into the notch.
  6. Hello there, recently I've bought 1911 and I loved it, however, when I tried to field strip, it wanted to come off at all even though I followed the manual perfectly, but somehow today I've managed to take the slide stop and remove the slide, however when I put it back together I noticed a small crack right beneath slide stop notch, I have no idea how it happened, yet the slide release won't lock properly as I have to push my finger upwards to make sure it locked tight otherwise it's just doesn't work properly, I suppose I need to order a need slide then and probably the slide stop 😕 since it looked kind of bent and I think it just contributing to the problem, do you have any solutions for that besides ordering new parts ? https://imgur.com/a/KcJ6IJY https://imgur.com/a/KdrIva8
  7. Update:LBS bb's solve the feeding problem and it shoots well with all the mags, however, the selective fire modes, doe's not work as it should, it's like, when I switch to full auto and fire it, it shoots fine, til I release the trigger and trying to fire again, then it acts like on safe, and after some trigger jiggling, it works again, and then it's not.I've aligned the gears properly, semi and safe modes acts fine, but, I can feel it, like, on the full auto, the trigger is being caught a bit with something before I press the trigger fully, so, what are your thoughts ? https://imgur.com/a/ZOa1PBP
  8. Thank you kindly Buddy for your help, I mean it!By the way, what are the solutions to fix the mags, I heard you can file the follower a little, and put a bb behind the spring of the mag to increase it's tension, I mean, is it worth it to fix those mags or just replace them instead?
  9. So, should I try CYMA mags to test it, or what brand would you recommend on E&L?
  10. and is there any modification to be done in order to fit CYMA steel high mag into an E&L?I wan't to try if cyma's mag feed better than E&L's, or should I try different mag brand ?
  11. Yeah buddy, I know, it's just that, the gun itself hates the gearbox, but don't worry about, gearbox is working, I just put some duct tape on it, but yeah in general, the gearbox always getting caught in the way, so there is no way totally safe way to getting in and out without scratching, and you mean this cut-off lever ?Yeah, the spring is in place buddy, all springs are in place.
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