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  1. PM-ed. Got money waiting in the wings.
  2. Oi. I live near the . Me and my mate can go down and give him a talk if you'd like. We're going down to his area in a week to pick up stuff from Airsplat. I had to deal with someone like him before, and I know exactly how you feel. I've found the loser's blog and his Flickr gallery, and I'll update you with coordinates as soon as I crack the EXIF data on his recent photos. http://idavidnguyen.wordpress.com/ https://www.flickr.com/photos/idavidnguyen/ Hmmm, his EXIF data on his pictures didn't tell me anything besides the fact that he uses a Canon EOS 5D Mark II and likes to zoom in on his photos by 3 times. I'm going to go ahead and see if I can locate an Iphone picture with unsecured Geo-data.
  3. My friend is running an ARES SL9 with a M140 spring, stock ARES gears, a JG High-torque, and a Tokyo Marui Ver. 3 motor cage. However, the motor height keeps coming loose every few hundred rounds and we either have to have a tech adjust the height or do on the field adjustments. What are your methods and strategies to make sure the motor height on guns stay as they should be? We've considered using permanent lock-tite, but the fact that the motor height will be forever unadjustable sounds to us like a serious drawback. What are your opinions on using locktite to keep in place motor height?
  4. An A&K SR25 runs you about only $20 more than a wombat, and gives you the DRM look. http://www.airsoftmegastore.com/2860-aandk-full-metal-sr-25-dmr-sniper-aeg-rifle-full-metal-gearbox.aspx If I were looking to get a budget DMR, I'd start there. Even comes with a pre-installed tightbore. People have been generally pleased with it for the price: http://www.airsoftforum.com/board/topic/118399-ak-sr-25-review/ http://www.airsoftforum.com/board/topic/175714-ak-sr25-vs-jg-sr25/ http://www.airsoftforum.com/board/topic/175714-ak-sr25-vs-jg-sr25/ , and Fatboy really loves his. Like, I'm pretty sure he sleeps with it at night, cradling it or something.
  5. I've used pretty much every single G36c variant from Ares to Matrix, JG, and Classic Army. None of them have impressed me at the price that the ICS G33 has been able to. With a 30amp 7.4 Lipo, I'm getting excellent trigger response and fire-rates of about 15, 17 RPS. You can call the motor odd. I'll call it a torquey champ that doesn't skimp on RoF when it has to do work at over 400 FPS. I'll take the ICS's trigger response, integrated rails, STANAG compatibility, and aesthetics over any over G36, any day.
  6. The ICS G33 is literally the best possible gun you can get at under $200 for CQB. It's accepts STANAG magazines and features the ICS Turbo 3000, one of the best AEG motors around. It comes damn near perfectly shimmed, lubed, and is as light, if not lighter, than an M4. The only drawback is battery space, but the motor more than makes up for it.
  7. The ICS G33 is literally the best possible gun you can get at under $200 for CQB. It's accepts STANAG magazines and features the ICS Turbo 3000, one of the best AEG motors around. It comes damn near perfectly shimmed, lubed, and is as light, if not lighter, than an M4. The only drawback is battery space, but the motor more than makes up for it.
  8. Oi, I've had the opportunity to try out a WE-Tech SCAR-L AEG and let me tell you mate, those things are freaking beauties. Currently, I've got a Echo-1 SCAR-H with a full ZCI gearbox and Lonex Titan A2. The WE-Tech SCARs can do what my current AEG with $150 in upgrades can stock. Fire rate, accuracy, and trigger response is exceptional. I'm talking about at least 25 RPS on a 11.1 20c and near instantaneous trigger response. Plus, you get the same exteriors of a VFC; they make WE Tech SCARS with the same CNC machinery as does VFC, only your motor isn't mediocre and your internals are rock solid. I think AirsoftGI has them for $250 right now when they normally go for $320-$380. My current plan is actually to a SCAR-L at Airsplat and get a Deepfire tightbore, Z-kit and M-nub installation, wiring replacements, Deans, and an aftermarket trigger, which is a bit pricier than your plan, but not by much. If you're not feeling up to modifying your own AEG's, Airsplat will install your upgrades free of charge if you purchase more than $80 of parts, and you can send them back as many times as you want within two months if something doesn't sit right. Know what's the best part? Once you're over the $80 mark, you can request additional upgrades from parts not purchased at the store. That's how my mate got his SL9 R-hopped.
  9. Edit. Evike is currently selling ICS L86A2's for $351. http://www.evike.com/products/31796/ No-one I've met ever had anything bad to say about them. They offer 2 pin disassembly, one minute spring changes, lots of battery space, and the ability to use standard STANAG's, which will save you more than just a few bucks in the long run.
  10. "Low Noise" and 100:300 ratios always mean Helical. Booligan did an indepth review on them on his site: http://www.booliganairsoft.com/2012/12/matrix-torque-up-helical-gears-steel.html Basically? Shimming them will be a bugger, as all helical gear shimming is, they're made of CNC-ed steel, and while you could do worse, you could also definitely do better. Helical gears work by having the gears apply even pressure on all the teeth at the same time, which used to be better for noise, torque, and endurance if perfectly shimmed. This was good when everyone was stuck with bad ferrous motors three years ago, but are now not that better since everyone has got neodymium motors and CNC gears. I'd personally just pick up some JG's or ZCI's for that price. G'luck.
  11. Talking to my mate again, it turns out there is no fuse in the gun right now. The MOSFET polyfuse is doing all the work since the ARES SL9 uses a microswitch trigger system. How do we edit the MOSFET to increase Ampere tolerances?
  12. We actually got the gun to fire fine with an Intellect 9.6v Nunchuck 1600mah battery without the Mosfet. The motor works fine outside of the gun, and no fuse tripped then with the 9.6v and original wiring. The original wiring did include a fuse too.
  13. My buddy recently purchased a Burst Wizard King Kong MOSFET 2 from Airsplat and had it hardwired to his SL9. Now, when we try to fire his gun, it keeps on making one click sound and not firing. We've tried the hardest discharging 7.4 Lipos, some with over 45 amps, and medium performance 11.1's, including the ever reliable Firefox 1100mah. The exact problem sounds like the latter part of this video: where Mr. Ho puts a hinge into his gearbox to prevent the spring from moving. We're pretty sure it's something screwy with the "adaptive poly-fuse," and would great appreciate some expert advice from you guys before we send it back to Airsplat. Thanks, and have some SL9 gun-smut for reading all this big ol' wall of text. http://imgur.com/a/c6X5b
  14. I managed to pick up two brand new, sealed in box TM USP 100 round magazines at a local sale for $10 each...two years ago. I found them again today and would like to know whether or not they are compatible with the CYMA USP AEP. Thanks.
  15. Looking for Midcap and Hicap Sig 552 Magazines compatible with ICS version 3 Swiss Arms 552 Commando AEG. Used items are alright as long as you can prove they can feed and hold tension.
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