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  1. I don't play competitively so I don't own or wear gloves. Given that, I'm of the opposite opinion. After stippling, the purchase on the pistol is 200% better when your hands are slightly sweaty. In my case, it improved my longer distance accuracy. I can only say it really helped on the Glocks 100% though.
  2. What's up everyone? I've posted in a couple of threads here as well as started a couple of my own but I figured I would introduce myself officially. My name is Eric, I'm a 25 year old SoCal native who grew up in a military family. I'm very much into Gas Blow Back Pistols. I have a couple personal pistols, but mainly I like to rebuild and refurbish boneyard pistols. Sort of a hobby meets side job kind of thing. Decided to join here because it seems to be a fantastic source of information as well as a place to receive friendly help from fellow members. Hopefully I'll fit in around here just find, I have a lot to share.
  3. Thanks guys! I'll keep this thread up to date on the different pistols I do.
  4. Got this thing on the cheap. Figured I'd make it my own.
  5. I have a WE F226 on the way ill be stippling the grips on. Stay tuned.
  6. Recently I've grown fond of buying, fixing, and building G series pistols. I have a 18C project I'm building almost from scratch and something I thought was awesome was texturing your polymer frames. Do you guys stipple? Here is my first attempt. It's a WE 18C lower that I cut to Model 19 length. Took so long I had to do one side at a time. I will be doing another soon. I'd be interested to see what you got.
  7. Spent a little time doing some more research last night and I discovered the G-20 in the Model 17 and the G-20 in the model 18 are slightly different. I also found a source for both pieces. Here is the Model 18 G-20 for anyone interested. http://www.evike.com/products/48877/ The evike site has a weird search feature, took me forever to find that. Hopefully this information is usefull to someone else. Just figured I'd share my findings.
  8. The exploded view there is for the model 17. Although the lowers are different, that particular part is identical and numbered the same as the exploded view in my G18 manual. Unfortunately, the Marui piece will not fit as the WE piece is different. This is stuff I'm sure of.
  9. Hello everyone! I have a WE G18C Boneyard I'm reviving and I'm in need of one single part. I've spent a good amount of time scowering the internet looking for it but have been unsuccesful. Thought maybe someone here could help me. The part I am in need of is Part# G-20. Here is a link to the explosion view. http://www.spechurt.pl/stuff/WE_Explode_G18C.jpg?iframe=true&width=1000&height=1200 This is the last part before my lower is complete. If anyone could point me in the right direction, or even offer up the piece from your own boneyard it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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