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  1. You don't need the 249 for braking coz it would always in auto mode. It is useless and waste power
  2. I made one by myself which can stop sector gear in perfect position. By it must be computerize and installing sensor to stop
  3. Gold plating isnt meant using real gold coating
  4. I would firstly think about battery issue but not the gearbox internal's. It is possible to do with 249 gearbox. But if you want easier street upgrade I would prefer SR25 or L85 system. With using M110 they can make over 4XX....
  5. I am starting a project to improve the inner barrel. The material which I choose is TC4 titanium at 6.00 inner diameter by metal factory to chop and make the hopup cutout bu laser cutting. It is very expensive but anyway I will make one for my SR25 and share with all you guys.
  6. When you trigger single fire, 2 bullets come out, that calls OVERSPIN. Try to check the lever. But if the sector gear isn't stop in the just-release position, is it normal.
  7. It is normal because you haven't use AB mosfet. AB mosfet can brake the gear after electric released. The pro is, you will never have a extra BB inside the hopup and barrel.
  8. As my experience, all my guns use Madbull 60 degree normal shark hopup bucking in blue colour. This item is different from others which is little bit thicker. With silicon oil which is very difficult to install but has great performance than others. I had also try the red colour of shark fin 60 degree madbull but if the inner barrel is aftermarket one, normally the diameter is larger, would jam BBs.
  9. Or you can try eproxy to stick it together
  10. Not like M4, it is difficult to buy this item. I think you would need to ask for tailor made this.
  11. Actually I am ready to produce a kind of AB mosfet switch (50A) with includes all sorts of protection (never fries by short circuit or under voltage). The PCB is only 45x12mm. If you are intested I can make some for you guys. Estimation of the price is around US$35-40 (not include shipping) I think it is much worth than the bare-built-type.
  12. Except Systema, I found most of 3 round burst / sniper mode mosfet set on the web those are only "time delay" type that means when you release trigger, the mosfet is still giving power for xxx (ms) then stop. When your AEG change part such as different ratio gear, spring or battery the "timing maching" is needed to be setup again. And one of my friend was always asking me to repair his G&G L85 since the semi function part is never be available even he walked in to Taiwan factory. In the very beginning I copied Systema to install a IR reflection optocouper to control firing. Why not "reflecting" for me? It is because the sector gear is too hard for drilling. I spent 90 mins for only 2mm depth on the drilling bed. Also I thought Systema has a major issue. When there is dirty with grease in the gearbox, that blocks the holes on the sector gear or IR sensor. That makes the gun never stop. Even I had confirmed this issue from my friend just last month, Systema had programmed safety function which stops firing in seconds if sensor cannot detect IR. The real truth is, gearbox is always dirty. It is not a good design to me. http://youtu.be/2nSytRu3X34 For my Play-Hard-Theory I spent 3 years for my mod. I used magnet sensor to detect magnet field replacing IR sensor. In the normal single shot test, by the active braking mosfet, it stop gear momentum prefectly without any pressure of the spring http://youtu.be/p3YYeM-NY_M. Then I "taught" the computer to delay stopping the motor or xx ms, it needed to try because of your parts settings, to success the sniper mode. I set it stop at the last teeth at 12.6v Lipo so I would stop at any voltage. Then I also taught it to shot 3 rounds in semi mode. Not like L85 after auto firing and change to semi. When you trigger the 1st shot it normally NOT to fire but gears move to the sniper mode position. Haha My gun does not have this issue. With this design I am asking my friend to give up fixing the L85 because I can make the L85 function to any AEG. I have 12 orders of this mod now. Hugh job! My hardware Super Shooter 7075 CNC Aluminum Gearbox (durable for sniper mode) M14 air nozzle (little bit longer) SHS 18:1 gear set + delayer (perfect shimming) cheapest trigger switch mod with a small switch (only need the shell) trigger spring removed (light trigger) M130 spring (law limited) full tooth piston with bearing head and bearing spring guide factory base cheap motor Magbull DD 12.5" Magbull18" outer PDI 500mm 6.01 Magbull metel hop-up Magbull metel body M16 stock cheap motor Magbull motor grip 4-12x50 scope green laser Sliverback Venus 4700mah 150/75C
  13. Hi guys, I have successfully done the 3 round burst mod for my m4. BTW, please watch carefully the air noz. when full auto mode. I set it to stop at the last teeth every shot just like L85 sniper mode. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=znAxKmaqYyA Please comment.
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