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  1. I think I'm going to get the king arms, slightly cheaper, the RIS is aluminum, and from what I hear king arms usually makes a decent product. A little concerned about the fact that the gearbox has 6mm bushings, and it's front wired... But that's okay I can deal with that. Thanks for all the help guys, I really appreciate it.
  2. Thanks for the input. That makes a lot of sense actually, I'm kind of ashamed I didn't think of it. That's just something I can get a long mock silencer for then to cover the longer barrel and I'd be good to go huh? I've never done a barrel swap but it can't be too awfully difficult. I have seen some stuff about TK twist barrels performing well around one Joule, is there any water to that or is it just the airsoft version of a "Snake oil" gimmick? I've heard quite a bit here and there about both G&G and KWA and would be fairly confident in either of those I don't know anything about king arms though. Is build quality on those generally good? Are there perhaps other offerings worth a look in this price range that I've overlooked do you think?I have no problem researching any alternates suggested. In the meantime I'll be trying to track down more information on my own. An informed decision is less likely to be terrible.
  3. Thanks for the reply. That's kinda what I thought about the Tavor and UAR, I really only am including them because they're a bit cheaper and there's one of each on my team so I've seen both in action and, as along as the UAR feeds properly, they seem to be fairly effective platforms. supposedly APS is fixing those issues with the V.2 but that remains to be seen. So it's likely going to be dropped from consideration. And I wasn't aware there was an m4 mag adapter for the P90, although given the mp5 mag adapter for m4's I guess I ought to have looked, thanks for letting me know about it, I'll definitely be looking into it. I'm not sure, I've never had my hands on a G&G but a lot of the forums I've looked around at, the ones that don't just instantaneously rage when they hear the word polymer in reference to receivers and such anyway, seem to have a generally good opinion on the material they use. It really seems to be the closest to what I want, but I haven't been able to find any user information on it at all which makes me nervous, plus the RIS appears to have some custom ring on it instead of the standard delta ring I've heard lots of good about the KWA but upgrades are supposed to be a pain because of a couple of off spec parts Namely the hop chamber and the piston and air nozzle that are all made to work with specifically with each other. Any one I end up getting though will probably get a long riser on top of the upper because I'm looking to get a T1 replica and I want to run it in co-witness in case I ever run into a problem with it because lets face it, the replicas may be durable but they just aren't manufactured to the same standard as they're real steel counterparts.
  4. Hi, first of all, new here and to the sport in a serious fashion. Had a couple of small skirmishes back in junior high and really enjoyed it, so now I'm in with a group of people who do this on a regular basis and I'd like to have some proper equipment finally but as this is my first real expense in this area I don't want to break the bank, I want to ease into these higher priced guns. Now down to specs, in order of importance. Needs to be M4 mag compatible, with perhaps one exception I can think of. Solid factory internals but upgrade friendly so I can keep future costs down, so pretty much TM spec. although exceptions might possibly be made. Stock around 350 fps, I want something CQB legal but that is going to somewhat capable on the field until I can get dedicated primaries. (quick change spring would also be acceptable since it would allow me to make the necessary field changes for both arenas) Needs to have picatinny rail for mounting optics would like to have RIS for foregrip, M203, MBUS style sights and such, but is not a necessity. External build quality and upgradeability is much more important that external material. I'm careful with my current LPEG equipment so I'm sure some sturdy ABS would be fine, but I'd prefer Nylon Fiber Polymer, henceforth NFP for ease of reference, or metal externals. Battery space is a concern, I wouldn't mind running a fixed stock at all, but if I could find a decent adjustable I'd prefer that. (something similarly styled to a magpul UBR minus the price tag) I tend to like M4's and Bullpup arrangements so any of those are acceptable Non-blow back is prefered, I don't want to have to deal with a BB mechanism or it wearing down other parts needlessly. Now those are my requests for recommendations, now for the hard part. Seeing as I'm looking at upgrading the gun going into the future, likely to the point that I legitimately replace nearly every aspect of the thing to fit my play style as a grow and adapt, and seeing that it's my first serious gun... My budget I'm willing to spend $200-ish. perhaps another $50 IF it's just something I absolutely NEED once I look at it. But I would prefer to spend less in case I've over-anticipated my seriousness about the sport. and I don't mind getting a cheaper gun with a crap motor or hop up bucking if it has a good gearbox as those are cheap and easy to upgrade. So far I've seriously considered, again in order of seriousness: http://www.evike.com/products/45417/ http://www.evike.com/products/38178/ http://www.evike.com/products/39919/ http://www.evike.com/products/37757/ http://www.evike.com/products/41551/ http://www.evike.com/products/47647/ These are only what I've considered but it tends to be what I like. I'm aware each have their quirks, Like KWA's proprietary hop chamber and the motors on the Combat Machine series tend to be crap. The P90 ISN'T M4 mag compatible which is a huge issue, but there are exceptions and one of our other guys already has a P90 he runs and I love it so exception made. The Tavor is hard to find parts for from what I hear, and the UAR V.1 had a couple of glaring problems with mag compatibility and feeding issues, which they claimed to have fixed with the V.2 but it's APS so who knows. So as much as I like the bullpups I'm leaning towards the M4 platforms at the moment, mainly the CM18 and the CQR. My team runs midcaps almost exclusively, mostly MAG brand, so compatibility is a concern. If anyone has an opinion on the rifles listed or an acceptable alternate please feel free to let me know. I'm looking for something versatile, that I can be patient and somewhat precise with or provide some limited light fire support in a pinch with, and again, needs to be CQB capable with some field applications, so around 350 fps or easy swap spring.
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