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  1. <AT>Guges Mk3 Thanks for the reply. Will give it a shot.
  2. Airsoft Model: TM Hi-Capa 5.1 Propane Adaptor: Airsoft Innovations (https://www.amazon.com/Airsoft-Innovations-GunGas-propane-Adaptor/dp/B005WK4D9W) Issue Every time I fill the magazine, there is gas escaping from where the propane adaptor meets the magazine. I filled it upside down at a 90 degree and tried pressing it down several times with varying force: light, medium and hard. When I pressed it down lightly for about 30 seconds and attempted to shoot bb's, nothing happened. When I used heavy force for about 2 seconds, I managed to get off about 5 shots with the magazine. Medium force resulted in about 1 or 2 shots. Only thing I found about this subject was designed so that gas will always escape the magazine because it wasn't designed as a silent fill or something for better fps consistency but not really any solution. Any suggestions would be appreciated! Thanks.
  3. Gun Cybergun GSG 522 RIS Problem 1. Gun shoots once and then does not fire at all. Upon opening the gearbox, the gun immediately fires once and all three gears are not in their proper positions. The sector gear is leaning towards the right every time so I assume it is being pulled out of position by the tappet plate. I also assume I am assembling the gear box correctly. I am still noob to airsoft! Thanks for dropping by and helping me out!
  4. Looking for a basic tactical vest and helmet. Something that gets me started and playing. Budget is $50 for a vest and $30 for a helmet. For the vest, I'm looking for something green/tan like woodland or similar. I am trying to find a vest that goes well with both my tan set and woodland set of BDUs.For the helmet, I just need something that doesn't prevent me from using my Lancer Tactical goggles. Trying to minimize cost so I just want something that I don't have to pay shipping for. Thanks!
  5. This is a picture of how I aligned the gun trigger with the coil. Is it correct?
  6. I bought a Matrix v2 gearbox tappet plate and it is exact size as original tappet plate. Also, from looking online the ICS and Cybergun GSG 522 RIS are both v2 gearbox.
  7. I only have two months of airsoft experience so I apologize in advance if I am using incorrect terms or ideas. Problem 1. Gun trigger moves back and forth with little force. Tilting the gearbox does not move the trigger. 2. Does not reset. When the trigger stops at a position, it will stay there until moved by an external force. Background on Problem Two problems arose at the same time: broken tappet plate, and the Problem. Tappet plate was replaced and v2 gearbox was reassembled. The spring on the movable trigger contact is connected to the post and was moving back and forth before screwing down the top gearbox shell. Upon completion of every reassembly, the gun trigger had normal resistance to being pulled and also reset to forward position normally. After 30 or so trigger pulls over 3-5 minutes, the trigger became as described in Problem. I reassembled the gearbox 3 times with generally the same result. My Diagnosis (Feel free to ignore for I am noob.) From what I have seen through diagrams, the spring on the movable trigger contact is what provides resistance to external force and resets the gun trigger. So the movable trigger contact may be stuck in the stationary trigger contact but I can not verify this because as noted above: when the top gearbox shell is off, the trigger contacts function normally. Gun Cybergun GSG 522 RIS (Could be wrong about manufacturer) Any help would be appreciated and I am more than willing to provide more info if needed. Thanks for stopping by!
  8. Sites searched I searched for the lowest price are: airsplat.com evike.com airsoftgi.com airsoftmegastore.com airsoftatlanta.com I think I'm pretty close to picking one! My list at this point is for a good out of the box gun and it's upgradeability for med-long distance shooting. Will modify the gun when I've read enough on airsoftmechanics.com and figured out a plan. G&G M16 A3 <AT> $238.70 via $310.00 + 23% off G&P M16A3 <AT> $260.00 (Discount N/A) ICS M16 A3 RAS <AT> $319.99 (Discount N/A) G&G GR16 R5 <AT> $284.90 via $370.00 + 23% off
  9. After some more browsing and reading, I have come up with some more guns for anyone to chew through: G&G TR16 G&G T4 VFC HK417 G&P M4 Viper Any comments on the guns and suggestions on what I should get are still welcome. The HK417 is slightly outside my budget. Is it worth the extra money?
  10. So is there a G&P M4 you would recommend and seller? Question for anyone.
  11. I've been getting some mixed responses on the KWA SR10 so my next M4 in question is the VFC brand. VFC M4ES http://www.evike.com/products/47951/ VFC VR16 http://www.airsoftgi.com/product_info.php?products_id=17687 Any suggestions into the VFC brand or critiques welcome.
  12. After some more browsing, this is what I seem to be some what interested in. E&L AK A105 AK74N (Beautiful) E&L AK A102 74N (Beautiful) KWA KM4 SR10 (Seems dependable) G&G GK5C (Cool externals!) Even though issues may arise with the GK5C, I just hope it isn't a major issue and just needs minor adjustments if I buy it.
  13. Thank 16kuokhc1. Sounds like anything in this price range performs fine out of the box. I will take a look at those brands you recommended. The G&G GK5C is looking cool though.
  14. Thanks for the info Guges Mk3. My list died under your examination lol. Is there a series or brand you would recommend in this price range?
  15. Thank you for stopping by and helping me out! Budget for gun only $400 Criteria for deciding a gun 1. To play at outdoor fields (Unsure of what role, my field limits are 400 FPS with .25g bbs) 2. Shoot as far and accurately as possible (Which is what everyone wants right?) 3. Wouldn't mind spending $50 or so in maintenance/upgrades a year (This is going to be my main gun for at least 3 years) 4. I don't really care about externals. Three guns that I have had in mind are the CYMA CM048, Magpul Masada and the full metal ICS CXP 16L. I favor the ICS more since you can switch the upper gearbox for CQB FPS limits. About me 1. New to airsoft 2. Willing to learn 3. Been reading forums/reviews for guns constantly 4. Would love links to any informational threads I currently own a G&G CM 16 Raider Long and not sure what to do with it. I am possibly converting it for CQB via Matrix Patriot kit and foldable stock or selling it. Links to specific guns in your response would be awesome!
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