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  1. EDIT: Does the Elite Force Speed loader work for GBB mags by any chance? Did some research couldn't find any information. Or maybe im looking in the wrong place
  2. Pre-P.S. I'm really interested and working on learning which upgrades are for GBB ex: The companys that make the parts, which ones fit which guns (Especially the GHK, is it considered m4 style? and will most/all parts fit or only a select few?) ANYWAY I realize I have just started another thread a day or so ago,I am very indecisive but I know I'm getting a GHK G5 as I mentioned before. I saw this video found the link(video in link to gun as well) http://www.airsofttaiwan.com/shop/goods.php?id=831 The Kit comes with: 1. RA Precision inner barrel (Do I need to get the same size inner barrel as the stock gun(210m) 2. Maple leaf hop up rubber (Do I need a certain one? If so which one and how do I know?) 3. RA GHK G5 steel bolt (I couldn't find the GHK G5 steel bolt, does it take an m4 steel bolt or what??lol) most likely I'm purchasing off evike, to install upgrades myself and learn more about the gun itself. Rather than buying one custom. Are there anymore parts I could upgrade on the GHK G5 besides the steel charging handle(I'm purchasing that for sure) MOST IMPORTANT IS ABOVE, ALSO on another note, not worried about it yet but I just got a second job so I'll be working probably 70-80hrs a week now. So it shouldn't be too long but, I think I've decided to try and make an AUG GBB. I haven't seen one and I would love to be one of the probably very few with one out there. I just have no idea how to go about it, if anyone could link me to a few sites for information on the matter I'd appreciate it so much. Sorry I don't know much about it at all before when I played I never upgraded any guns or even looked into just bought the KWA m4($300+) and KWA GBB m1911(130ish+) so I knew I had good guns stock. Now I really want to get into the internals knowing each part what they do how they work which companies make good parts/everything. Anything will help Thanks a ton.
  3. I was wondering on some ideas for a gun project, possibly buying one from a 'boneyard' and upgrading from there or just if possible literally starting from scratch. Depending on how many sites id need to buy from. (Ex: Not trying to pay $10/20 USD shipping for a 5-30 dollar part) I was really looking into a GHK G5/L85 but how upgradable are gas guns even just the barrel. Regardless I'm purchasing one of the two for my 3rd rifle(I've been out of sport for a while and sold my equipment, carry case, guns, pretty much the whole rig. But im not sure if either one of those are upgradable much at all... Then I'd love to upgrade this rifle(In to a DMRish rifle), I have a huge crush on it/ its style. I'd prefer the GBB for the realism but if there is an AEG version that would shoot better/more efficient I would prefer the performance over the realism. Rifle: 1 (The Crush) - http://www.evike.com/products/37274/ Rifle: 2 - The JG Bar 10 or VSR 10/whatever is the current model that is used for upgrades possibly an M24, I know it costs a good chunk of change to upgrade these to well performing sniper rifles, but That's why its a project right What upgrades would I be looking for on the Rifle 1, I would love to see that on the field as a DMR. Thanks for the helpmates
  4. It also says EBB, unless im mistaken this gun for being an EBB it says blowback but im, not entirely sure. The description sounds like an EBB
  5. Im just curious why its discontinued and what parts I would need to replace to make it functioning to par. I've heard the charging handle and other parts go fast on it. So just curious what I should replace and what breaks on it regularly, as im considering buying it off a craigslister. I know its 520 onsite but theres a reason its discontinued, right? Not to par with newer guns or frequent problems breaks? He wants 350 for it but said negotiable, so im trying to find what parts I have to replace so I could talk him down from the 350 for the upgrades id have to do plus the labor. What would you all pay for it? http://www.evike.com/products/38039/
  6. was curious about the dmr kit or making my own dmr kit
  7. So, I've decided on the GHK G5. But it looks like I'm running the bill up pretty high. Should I post what I got in my cart here or some other thread>? Or would someone like to message me to help me figure this out a lo quicker
  8. Is it possible to make an airsoft gun almost completely silent? Wether it be AEG, GBB, or EBB I know you'll still hear the bolt or the gear box but is there anyway to make them fairly silent while maintaining 330+ fps and hitting bodies at about 110'+? If so what upgrades would I be looking for, if you want to explain why feel free or drop me a link to a site that breaks down stripping airsoft guns and their parts :)) I'm really down to these two guns, I'm wondering if regular AEG magz would fit the M4 if I put a gearbox in it and removed the blow back? Just because I'm dreading imagining getting 5/10 magazines for $300/$600. Also is the M4 linked below the same system as the GHK G5 or GHK in general? M4 - http://www.evike.com/products/39661/ G5 - http://www.evike.com/products/44267/
  9. I only weigh 145 now but I used to be 200 so luckily I retained my strength from losing all the weight, so I don't mind if its a little heafty I do want a gun with some good kick but I've heard of a cap(speed rubber) or using electrical tape to make your gun not damage or smack so hard against the rest of the internals? Does that make a big difference in how well+long the guns internals will last Also does it reduce the recoil a lot because I want a really good kick on my shoulder, I understand its only an airsoft gun but gosh I just wish I could test em all
  10. Obviously, you get what you pay for when it comes to airsoft and most sporting equipment. So, I just came here to ask for some opinions and any recommendations. Such as Full metal vs not pros and cons, ive seen talk of full metal being a bit more pricey to replace, but does it hold up as well or better than the plastic? I really would like a gun that could be doubled as a DMR if I wanted to, but if its not really convenient than Its no huge deal. + I'd like something with a pretty satisfying kick + The feature that your gun stops shooting when your mag is empty (is that open bolt? orrrr?) So all in all still pretty open to just about any GBB Heres a small list of some I had my eye on thinking in the 250-320 range on the gun alone. GHK G5 - http://www.evike.com/products/44267/ WE M4 T91 - http://www.evike.com/products/38247/ WE M4-SOL - http://www.evike.com/products/43142/ WE L85 - http://www.evike.com/products/35126/ http://www.evike.com/products/39661/ ? Im very indecisive but maybe one of you can help me make up my mind on this
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