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  1. I was looking to find a CQB AEG at is able to have a magpul rail on it, my price range is between 100-200 Any help? Also I might want to add that I already have an m4 styyle weapon so possiblyyy loot a little different than a standard m4 type cqb rifle?
  2. Hello everyone, So I've been wanted to get a magpul rail for my gun ever since I know about them. I was wondering how I could get them on and I realized most people use a non-integrated system which uses a spring you pull back to take out two pieces. My GC16 Raider-L has a Integrated RIS system so in order for me to take it off its a pain in the . I was wondering if there was some way to put a new system in there so that I would be able to use it? I have all the parts of it from a previous gun that I owned (Walmart gun, plastic so I'm not sure if I really want to have to strip it and put it onto my gun), would it work to put that on so it will fit a magpul rail system? Thanks everybody!!! -Marshal
  3. Hello everyyone, First I just wanted to say I'm new here so hey guys!! Also, I have been wanting to get a new motor for my G&G GC16 Raider-L, because it is very slow. I also have a walmart M4 gun I bought a long time ago and just for fun I put in my 9.6v battery into it and the motor is surprisingly faster than my new gun! I was wondering if it was safe to put a walmart motor into a intermediate-end AEG?? Thanks guys, Marshal
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