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  1. It appears that the KA one is the better one. Buying now. Thanks everyone. This was really helpful.
  2. The King Arms P90 is on sale. Unless anyone objects, I'm gonna go with that. And is an m100 still the correct spring to use?
  3. Does the UAR still have a bad trigger feel in semi mode? Unless you can help me out, the cheapest I found the UAR for is about $160. Worth it? From the way you described it, it sounds to me like the P90 works the same as the AUG. Also, it seems the only place selling the G36C is Airsplat, which is out of stock for 8 weeks. Is there anywhere else I could get it? Edit: Upon further research, it appears that the p90's full-auto selection basically turns the trigger into a two-stage trigger, like on the AUG. But the semi setting is just semi. Are there any good p90s in my price range? How's the King Arms one?
  4. So does that mean that the JG AUG does not have a selector switch? This may be a problem for me - it may be easy to accidentally go full in a semi-only match. Does the APS AUG have a selector switch? And if I get what you're saying, it's easy to replace the spring on the APS version, right? If the APS AUG is good, has a selector switch, and the spring is easily replaceable, I think I'll go with that. Otherwise, I'll just get the JG G36C.
  5. So barrel length and other variables don't make much difference (in fps)? Also, is the JG AUG good?
  6. I would recommend a DE m47 shotgun. http://www.airsplat.com/Items/AR-DE-M47-A1.htm This was my first airsoft gun, which I plinked with all the time in my backyard (within 50 ft). Accuracy is pretty decent for the price, and cocking is easy. They also sell 180 round magazines for it, and you could mount sights on it if you want. And it isn't really a shotgun. It's basically a pump-action rifle.
  7. Cardboard Box: I don't think replacing a spring would be a problem for me, but I know nothing about springs, or what kind of spring would bring a particular gun under 350. Thus why I haven't really looked at the guns you mentioned. And no, I don't really care what model the gun is. But compact is a plus. By the way, does installing a weaker spring increase rate of fire? As for accessories, I'm only getting the basics - a few extra mags and batteries, and a charger if it didn't come with one. Maybe a reflex sight later on.
  8. Is there something wrong with the mag? Or do you say that because they're hard to find and only compatible with that gun?
  9. I'm looking to buy an AEG for indoor use (under 350 FPS, short barrel preferred). My limit is about $200 (I don't want to go much over $250 once accessories are added). I have never bought an AEG. Any recommendations? I haven't done too much searching yet, but so far I've found these: http://www.evike.com/products/33864/ http://www.evike.com/products/47888/ http://www.airsoftgi.com/product_info.php?cPath=139_24_132&products_id=10170 http://www.airsoftmaster.com/elite-force-cqc-competition/ (out of stock) http://www.airsoftmaster.com/g-g-firehawk-black/ Are these any good?
  10. Really nice website, but I don't see the product I'm looking for. If anyone has designed it though (or is willing to), it would be awesome if you could put it on Shapeways.
  11. So I've occasionally seen this neat little device on the internet for shotguns. It is inserted where the shell would normally go, and allows you to use m4 mags with it rather than using 30 round shells. It can be seen in this video: Unfortunately, I can't find this anywhere. So my question is, has anyone attempted to 3D print it? And if you have (or are willing to try), would you be willing to sell one to me?
  12. The sight isn't much of an issue since I will be putting a reflex sight above it. Other than that, is there anything else I would need to change to add the 5.1 slide?
  13. Okay, that's what I wanted to hear. Still not having much luck on finding a potential replacement slide. Does anyone know if either of the following would work? http://www.evike.com/products/32168/ http://www.evike.com/products/30482/
  14. Hi, I'm a bit new to airsoft, and have never attempted to upgrade a gun. What I'm trying to do is turn a recently bought KJW KP-05 into more of a primary weapon, for my local field's pistol-only days. My main question here is whether or not there is a light slide that is compatible with this pistol, perhaps from a TM Hi-Capa. I have done a lot of googling for TM and KP05 aftermarket/replacement slides, but I haven't found anything. Could someone point me in the right direction? Will giving it a lighter slide effect FPS or anything? Anyone know of a good rail mount that definitely works with this gun? Would adding a stock be possible? Any other upgrade recommendations?
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