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  1. thanks Guges MK3. I thought about that but there is not a dealer in the state (Alaska) that I can locate. there used to be one in anchorage (7 hour drive) but he shut down. Thanks Matt
  2. hello I'm am very new to airsoft. I have only played a few times with rented guns. I have played paintball since the early 90's but want to get into something a little more "realistic". I am looking for an ar15 style all metal aeg. most of my playing will be open field/woods in ranges from very close to rather long. I may occasionally play in some CQB and indoor games as well as travel to some big scenario games. my budget is not unlimited but I am willing to pay what I need to get what I want. I would like to stay below $700 though. I would also like to get a good quality "sniper" rifle in the same price limits as well because my son likes the longer range style on play. the biggest problems I have is that I don't know what companies are high quality and what companies to stay away from. ive looked in the online but still don't know what is quality and what isn't. any help will be appreciated. Thanks Matt
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