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  1. If you want a good sound, I suggest the KWC 1911's, they sound great, and look great. The mags aren't very realistic though, being CO2 with the CO2 capsule visible in the mag, though they make a nice sound as well when inserting them/taking them out.
  2. I recently bought a ACM PPK, which is a Chinese clone of the Maruzen PPK. Sadly, it came with no manual, so I have no idea how to fully disassemble it. I'd love to change the inner barrel so I can use the threads on the outer barrel it is blocking, but I can't seem to figure out how to get to it. Anyone know?
  3. Ahh, finally. Thank you, won't even bother with them then.
  4. Is there seriously nobody on here with any experience or knowledge of these guns or brand? xD
  5. Would this - http://www.airsplat.com/Itemdesc.asp?ic=ER-APS-M4-405 or this - http://www.airsplat.com/items/ER-APS-M4-403.htm be a good gun worth buying? Pretty unfamiliar with the brand.
  6. Would this be the gun I want? http://www.airsplat.com/Items/ERM-BI-74U-RK01.htm and why is it so much less than what I'm assuming is the same exact gun on AirsoftGI? http://www.airsoftgi.com/product_info.php?cPath=139_24_211&products_id=2903
  7. Hah I'd love to get a gas AK, but they, along with most gas rifles, are a bit expensive compared to most decent AEGS. What would be the best AKS74u AEG I could get? preferably less than $200. Would also like it to be around 350 fps, though preferably less. Seems like most are in the 360 - 400 sadly, which is odd considering they're so compact and perfect for CQB. Full metal is also a must. Lol probably should just start a new thread in the Which Gun Should I Get section.
  8. Hmm. Well, things are not looking too great for me I'd say xD Almost feel I'd be better off selling my gun and buying something else xD That being said, any good compact AK varients great for CQB/maybe outdoor games, with an fps lower than 350? Preferably with a RIS handguard, or one that could easily have the handguard replaced with a RIS one? Also would prefer the battery to be in the dust cover, not in the stock, and below $300ish?
  9. So, I saw someone post this on another thread for the same problem, how would I do this?
  10. Yeah I've seen that, but I haven't seen it anywhere alone unfortunately. Would be nice though, really sick of the pretty awful plastic stock handguard, the thing makes awful noises when squeezing it a bit/moving it a little.
  11. I suppose the whine is not that bad, but I've heard better, and would like to have the gun make a better sound than it does. I don't mind trying internal stuff, like I said, I'd like this to be a project gun. The only handguards I've found specifically for the Beta Spetsnaz is one from SRC without any rails and some sort of ugly thumb hole grip, and a wood one, again with no rails. I'll keep looking I guess. Something else I'd be interested in is this style of a stock http://img383.imageshack.us/img383/738/dscn3937tg2.jpg Where would I find something like this, and would a battery fit in it or no? Also, it looks like he may have taken his standard handguard and simply made some holes on the sides, and screwed on some small rails, is that an option or a bad idea?
  12. I saw another thread concerning this same issue, but it never really seemed to get resolved. Are there any handguards that would fit an AK Beta Spetsnaz style gun, or more specifically the Marui version? I feel like a AKS74u style handguard would work, but I'm not sure (am willing to try). Anyone know if it would or not, or could suggest something else? I bought this TM AK Beta from a friend for $80, and I'd like it to become my first project gun. Really want to make it look amazing. Aside from the handguard, another external upgrade I was hoping would be possible is to get a buffer tube style stock. Currently the gun has the battery wired to the stock, and I'd prefer to keep it that way, but I haven't been able to find a hollow/not sealed off buffer tube for AK's. And lastly, the gun has a annoying sounding whining noise (reminds me of the cheap combat machine rentals at the place I usually play at) when it shoots, any way I could maybe get rid of that and get something a bit more nicer and intimidating sounding (not a sound amplifier please, getting a PBS-4 suppressor for the gun). Also, when shooting semi auto, if I try and shoot too fast, the gun stops shooting completely. Got to try switching it to full auto, shooting once, then back to semi. If I don't switch to full auto and shoot, it simply wont shoot in semi at all. I am relatively new to airsoft (played a bit over the past few years, much more within the past couple months though), and have no experience with modifying guns at all, so if most of this didn't make sense, you can tell why. xD (Oh, also, best $30ish pressure switch flashlight I can get would be?). Anything else you guys suggest I do to the gun? I am hoping this gun will turn into a great CQB gun (350 fps limit)/ outdoor skirmish gun.
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