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  1. Woah... I have been absent here for some time now, (LOTS OF WORK) and the thing is in my country if the person does not have a great time the first, they are unlikely to come back again. Offering an LPEG as a first .... I will try getting one de m85 here as well to test and see how likely they are to break and inspect it ... thanks for the suggestion. <3
  2. Also what do you guys think of wholesale central ? I have literally no experience with them and was wondering whether anyone here has ever bought an airsoft gun from them. They seem to have some decent guns. http://www.wholesalecentral.com/globeproductsupply/store.cfm?event=itemdetail&itemid=669249&returnto=
  3. Thanks for the info regarding m4 <3 but that website shows to me that all products on their website are HK $0 ? Is that an error with my browser or ?
  4. Business experience related to airsoft? None .... I have however done an internship &lt;AT&gt; a local paintball field also I co-own a Fashion store here as well as own shares at a couple of agricultural firms :D Also my family is full of business and marketing majors ready to help :D Why do you ask? I live in East Africa so I hope it wont be a bother :D. I will try contacting Palco regarding that. Do you mind giving me their link ? Just thinking I might have been browsing the wrong store (Was browsing www.palcosports.com)
  5. What do you guys think about a Dboys m4 or A&K? A&K >>>> http://www.airsoftmegastore.com/2866-a-and-k-airsoft-m4-ris-carbine-aeg-rifle-ank-pr-m4ris.aspx . Dboys>>>> www.airsoftmegastore.com/755-440-fps-airsoft-dboys-full-metal-quad-rail-m4-cqb-sd-aeg-rifle-bi-3881m.aspx
  6. Hey I was looking at Umarex , Palco .... I can't seem to find JG M4s there or CYMA AKs for that matter....
  7. Guys... I think I forgot to mention this..... I live in Africa.... specifically Tanzania.... so..... any US exclusive distributors is a no go.... unless I decide to use aframex.... which will be a pain in the :censored2:....
  8. I was planning on doing that with airsplat http://www.airsplat.com/wholesale-airsoft.htm . Is there any better website to purchase wholesale?
  9. <3 B.A.M.F and Myles <3 Thanks dudes :* Will definitely look through them all when I can. Its currently midnight here and I got stuff in the morning... If you have any suggestions please feel free to put them here including accessories , upgrades ,eye wear, bbs etc
  10. Thanks mate :D and yeah it is slightly alien which is why if I do iplement it ... I wont buy more than 2 (initially at least) Do you mind posting a few links to direct me to a few CYMA AKs? I personally have never used CYMA so... A little help would be nice :D
  11. I was planning on having the classic M4 vs CYMA AKs ..... but having a sig or p90 for the CQC lovers(at a higher price ofcourse ;) ) wouldn't be bad I wouldn't think would be bad...
  12. I already knew the above bro .. Don't worry xD ... I am just looking for other suggestions or opinions apart from the above. I was planning on atleast giving my players a wider selection of weaponry like maybe a sniper(spring ofcourse) and also an LMG.
  13. Hey guys, I want to open an airsoft and yes I have read around and seen some threads already posted regarding this but also most of these are from like 3 years ago and I just wanted to know how the opinion has changed and what guns would you really recommend to be rented out to customers or what guns do you think can take a lot of stress and beatdown before giving up and dying. Sorry If I posted it in the wrong area Thanks for your responses
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