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  1. I sold that one a while back. Everything in these photos that's available is listed for sale, except the Ranger green nylon gear I haven't posted yet and the custom M4 which has its own thread. I do have a replica Inforce WML that I'm not using, you could have it for $40 shipped.
  2. While I think it's a pretty good deal (the grip and forend alone were $75), I suspect you didn't read the description. I built this shotgun from a clone springer before the Marui breacher was announced.
  3. Paypal only, shipping is included, multiple items get a shipping discount. Classic Army 1200rd automatic feed soft box mag for M249 (desert camo) with dummy rounds: $85 shipped Replica Scout Light package with original, Gear Sector, and S&S Precision mounts (FDE): $35 shipped SOLD https://lh6.googleusercontent.com/-fWqbQI1hcog/VBCFzC9lPlI/AAAAAAAAKMg/PBahQhfWYjc/s800/SDC10816.JPG https://lh6.googleusercontent.com/-1FI7gw_eUno/VBCGFHZ9hTI/AAAAAAAAKM4/DLhY6QPCViY/s800/SDC10813.JPG B5 Systems Keymod handguard with Magpul MVG and offset rail (OD): $28 shipped Volzhsk AK butt pad, brown: $20 shipped Single Motorola MJ270R Talkabout with two batteries and charging base: $20 shipped SOLD (Fenix light is sold) Emerson C4 OPS PTT with two Talkabout leads and Silynx trades: $20 shipped Propper ACU cut uniform top (A-TACS AU,XL-long, worn once and laundered): $20 shipped TRU combat shirt (black/black, size large, somewhat well-worn): $18 shipped Madbull Ultimate hopup with blue bucking (tracer LED not included): $18 shipped SOLD RS L3 Insight Technology remote pressure switch with hook Velcro: $18 shipped 782 Gear FR Shemaghlava (Multicam, new without tags): $18 shipped UA Tactical Heatgear long sleeve tee (Multicam, XXL regular fit, new without tags): $18 shipped Replica Weaponlink (FDE): $15 shipped SOLD https://lh5.googleusercontent.com/-b7SjARNMZNw/VBCF6NjcP0I/AAAAAAAAKMo/jAO4cY3MQXo/s800/SDC10815.JPG Earhugger Earbone headset with PTT for Motorola Talkabout: $20 shipped VFC HK 416 GBB Battlegrip: $20 shipped Replica Tango down stubby VFG, FDE: $10 shipped CQB rear sight (LMT style): $10 shipped Guarder rubber pad for CAR stock: $10 shipped (trigger guard, M720V, wood grips, and scope base are sold) Please excuse my poor photography and let me know if you have any questions.
  4. Red Fire (Zeta Labs clone) Mosin Nagant; beech stock, metal body, spring powered: $110 shipped SOLD https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/-l2orGERCiMU/U2Lf7o2KwsI/AAAAAAAAHS0/_bQFuNl_o_0/s1440/SDC10762.JPG https://lh4.googleusercontent.com/-Vvt75A73G6k/U2LgJk_7EVI/AAAAAAAAHS8/_coOxou39g0/s1440/SDC10764.JPG https://lh6.googleusercontent.com/-IBEX-81vkJg/U5orlpUxMvI/AAAAAAAAHcw/pFM5ccFbhSE/s1440/SDC10799.JPG http://shop.ehobbyasia.com/red-fire-mosin-nagant-model-1891-30-rifle-spring-power.html#.VG_IofnF-mt There's a scratch in the wood in front of the (internal) magazine, and the (cosmetic) bolt guide broke off; I'll be including it, since it might be possible to weld it together and back onto the cylinder. Ryusoku bucking, flat nub, and a cut down APS2 spring installed. Never fielded, but my teammates and I plinked a hundred rounds or so in the safe zone and with the new hopup it worked quite well with .32s and .40s. The piston release is a durable looking design, but takes a little getting used to--the bolt must be pulled firmly to the rear or it won't catch. The internal magazine shell and bayonet 'blade" seem to be the only plastic parts. The stock is nicely finished aside from the scratches, and the fittings appear to be brass. M870 breacher: $95 shipped This is an A&K (metal clone of Maruzen C870); a 1J single shot spring powered gun. Heavily modified to accept a real Pachmayr Vindicator grip and G&P forend. Top rail is permanently installed and slightly off center. The modified adjustable hopup spins .32s easily. Comes with side rails for the forend, spare low power spring, and two 40rd mags. RMR not included. Please excuse my poor photography and let me know if you have any questions.
  5. I've painted a bunch; here are a few I was pretty happy with:
  6. (scope not included) I built this a couple years ago as a spare lower for my primary AEG, but as it almost never gets any use I'm letting it go for a song. I've used its twin (identical internals) for about four years and many thousands of BBs with excellent results. The only thing left out was a MOSFET, since I didn't have one at the time that would fit in the buffer tube along with the battery. With something like a GATE Pico, I wouldn't mind if this was my only gun. External: HurricanE Colt aluminum body with rear tabs removed, A1 grip, CAR stock, aluminum one piece barrel, CQD sling plate, notched KAC flash hider (ships with orange plastic FH), LiPo buffer tube. Includes CQD forward sling mount, micro rear sight, M4QD suppressor, real Knight's foregrip and Masen butt pad. Foam filled suppressor with KAC trades, pictured after heat treating before paint Internal: high torque motor, 100:200 gears, polycarb piston with metal teeth and corrected AOE, et cetera (all SHS), QD gearbox, 3D printed "level travel" chamber, Madbull barrel. Rear wired to Deans; for $10 I'll throw in a 2 cell 1400mAh LiPo that fits with the stock fully collapsed. I made a small, partial crack in the lower driving in a stubborn pin (near the P in PROPERTY below). It's much less noticeable with the upper installed with a screw-together front pin. Please excuse my poor photography and let me know if you have any questions.
  7. Nothing wrong with improving a product. I had one (v1) for a while, and after some modding it was a very handy little AEG. It's a shame the new version doesn't have a lower rail, since the "hump" doesn't serve much purpose beyond battery storage.
  8. I bought a few spare sets of the orange ones; the bottom caps are long gone but the top rings make it slightly easier to find the grenade. Even without the caps I find this style to be slightly more reliable than the older pineapple and barbell shells. Just don't try to use the green "instaburst" shells for anything except a tripwire setup.
  9. kojak1


    I've been playing for several years now, and browsing this forum for almost as long. Thought I might as well start posting here too. I'm also a pretty serious airsoft tinkerer, especially when it comes to hopups. While I like working on crazy stuff, my favorite airsoft guns are simple AEGs that look great, sound snappy, run reliably, and shoot far and straight without costing an arm and a leg to build.
  10. A blue paint pen is handy for marking grenades or pretty much anything, plus it has a certain milsim authenticity. I put my team name on mags, frags, and pretty much anything that can get lost. We typically play with honest people, but at the bigger games grenades will mysteriously vanish. Once after being holed up for a while on an upper floor I went down to retrieve all the stuff we threw; there were almost a dozen Thunder Bs in the stairwells but my orange Tornado Impact (with my team name and callsign painted on) was nowhere to be found. I made some inquiries and it turned out someone on the OPFOR had it in their dump pouch for "safe keeping". I want to get some BFGs, but I'll probably put a yard of orange survey flagging on them.
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