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  1. Greetings from Ohio! I come from a vacuum of airsoft fields in NE Ohio, so I have to play the occasional games at a paintball field. Oh well. Anyways, I am slowly easing my way into the sport, drawing out my costs, etc. I'm upgrading a UTG L96 and working on picking out a good sidearm currently. I'm 18, senior in high school, working on a software engineering career for a living. I also play guitar decently and hold a part-time job (anyone like Panera Bread?). I've been a bit involved with Airsoft Sniper Forum for a while but I came over here to get some more information on non-sniper stuff like sidearms and getting into more DMR/assault roles.
  2. The BAR-10 is a good starter. I would look on the sniper forum below to look into good snipes; your primary issue with BASR's is upgradeability (because stock parts are junk). Anyways, the popular rifles are the VSR-10 (M24 variants) and APS-2 (L96) clones (at least usually). Look for any rifle that takes upgrades for those systems and choose between those. I've had great success with my UTG L96, and the UTG Master Sniper is a good way to go as well. That will use the VSR-10 parts. http://www.airsoftsniperforum.com
  3. Be careful with Evike; they have hit and miss service at best. I got a rather large order from them with no problems with the return service and fast shipping, but I've heard a lot of negative reviews on them. I would decide on a gun based on some experience you would get borrowing guns at different fields. I did the same thing as you, got equipment before getting experience and ended up changing a lot of what I carried the next time.
  4. PytSkee


    I used the NCStar for a while but I gave up on it because I had to make serious adjustments for accuracy. When you change the windage too much you can't use magnification on the lower side.
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