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  1. I would advise not getting a gas blowback unless you are willing to grow away that kind of cash on gas if you were to go with a gbbr then a we tech scar is a good choice or if you like bulpup guns there is always the l85 or for an smg you could chose a we or kwa mp7 which topically cost around $300 and then buy tac strobe lights and a sight if you decide to be more efficiant and go with electric blowback you could find all sorts of models such as the kwa magpul cqb
  2. I'm in favour of the a & k m249 mk2 will this take an 11.1 vault lipo
  3. I personally like the vfc scar but the battery is limited
  4. I want an lmg for under $350 I just can't pick I'm not guna make this a long post but simply I want to know what in your opinion is the best gun in this price range
  5. I was suggesting that you use this gun because its cheap and you can replace it eisily you could purchase some higher end weapons to use as a premium selection and charge slightly more with a deposet
  6. I agree I did get lucky slightly chipped means a fiew tiny scratches in the gears also I don't reccomend the usage of a lipo of any kind in a normal cm16 but mine is the top tech model so it will take the abuse
  7. Dude I just snapped I'm sorry u were right about my Daniel defense m4 it's has Daniel defense scrawled across the front
  8. Ok smart guy (aliberty) you clearly know squat Daniel defense do make airsoft aegs do you know how I know because I own one also I obviously ment Tokyo marui mp7. He asked about good performance weapons and I gave him one polerstar and I know it MIGHT not be for him but it is the best make so stop trying to be a smart guy and actually learn your facts be for writing down stuff that's apsolute s***
  9. Ok dude seriously stop controdicting Me I have my opinions of my own experianses you of cource are entitled to have your own but my arena use these guns as the rental and they last
  10. Alberty dude I strip my gun regularly the teeth are slightly chipped but the gun preformes well still after 2 years of abuse but I do recommend the cm16 or if you can get the funds cm18
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