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  1. I play tabletop minis games, hike, carpentry, and play video games. This of coarse is when I have free time from work, being a dad, reserves, and the inevitable honey do list. Damm I'm busy.
  2. Look up ROC drills on YouTube. Even if you don't get any kills try pairing up with another team member and support them by laying down covering fire. A lot of people will hide if they see someone shooting at them even if their rounds don't even land near them. That will allow your teamate to move around which will help him out. As for your aiming issue try sighting in your AEG. Put a target at about 50ft and get into a good prone supported fireing position (google prone supported). Line up your sites and fire 10 rounds, get up and mark your hits with a marker, get back down and do it again. don't worry about hitting the bullseye, we are looking for repeatability. Mark each time with a different color. Once you start to shoot in the same area multiple times, than and only then adjust your sites. Once you get your gun sited in, try firing from a kneeling and standing position. Hope this helps.
  3. We are a western Washington based group that roleplays as MARSOC at events. We hold monthly training/scrimmage events for members, kit and gear construction sessions, HAM radio classes, and we have a number of experienced airsoft techs that can help with upgrades and troubleshooting. Most members are prior combat arms (infantry, cav, artillery) or work law enforcement in the area. We are currently looking for highly motivated and fit people to help increase our numbers. Experience is a plus but as long as you are physically and mentally motivated, we can train you to our tactics. Since we roleplay as an SF unit being able to run 2 to 3 miles is a key factor in our mission plans at our matches, if you can't do that quite yet that's no problem as it will come in time. We typically attend MilSim West events but we are branching out into other MilSim events in the Northwest. We also offer carpools most events. Our website is www.paladin airsoft.com Check us out on Facebook, www.facebook.com/groups/752676151417956?ref=bookmark
  4. Hi, I'm Bryce aka Jarkas. I'm 28, father, veteran (Army), and an avid airsoft player. I have been playing for a little over a year at various NW events, mainly MilSim West. I'm currently on a team,www.paladinairsoft.com where we roleplay as MARSOC. Have any questions, shoot me a pm.
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