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  1. That's becoming my only option. Problem is that I don't have another working one or know someone with a TM 5.1..
  2. It does this. It'll hang onto the nozzle for a bit. At such a loss here
  3. For starters, the gun has velocity issues. Sold as is. Basically, the gun blows back nice and crisp but shoots the BB very softly. It will sometimes shoot harder when rapidly firing, but the problem can always be replicated when taking time between shots. Wish I knew the problem, I wouldn't be offloading it at such a loss :/ TM Hi Capa 5.1 Limcat Phantera Slide w/ comp C-More Style sight (replica) Thumb Rest Magwell Cocking handle Grip tape grips Upgraded recoil spring 1 non leaky mag Rest is stock. $175 Picture with my name in it momentarily.
  4. Which plastic piece? Hop up rubber is in good shape. No idea about the nozzle/hopup seal. How can I check? Barrel is very clean. It's like air is getting everywhere it needs to be, except behind the BB....
  5. Checked it, it moves freely. Only resistance I get from it is the spring in there. Really at a loss here?!
  6. The nozzle itself moves and returns easily.. Don't quite know about a piece inside of the nozzle though? I'd have to see maybe a picture of what I'm supposed to check? I'm new to teching a GBB.
  7. It's definitely low muzzle energy... Don't need a chrono for that. The BBs come out at probably 50 FPS lol I'm not entirely sure how to check the valve though?
  8. For starters, I will say that the gun is all stock except for what appears to be an upgraded recoil spring. The hammer spring looks like it's stock, the nozzle doesn't looked cracked, the mag appears to be fairly new and the bucking isn't torn nor does it appear worn... The barrel is also stock. Have I missed anything? The problem is that when I shoot the gun, it will shoot a BB for only about 25' and will do so fairly softly. However, the gun blows back hard and racks another round just as it would if the gun was at 100%. Now, what I've found after further investigation is that if I rapidly shoot the pistol, every other BB will fly much further and much harder than what it does if I take my time between shots, but, it doesn't shoot near what a TM should. Please help or give guidance!
  9. 4x ACOG Replica, awesome trademarks. Sight itself is in good shape $70, shipped Tan RVG.. It's tan, vertical and you grip it.. You also insert Pen15 joke here lol $15, shipped 5x Tan Magpuls for M4/M16 style mags. $15, shipped Tac Light. 175 Lumens, has a secondary brightness as well as an adjustable beam. Comes with the offset mount shown. $25, shipped Complete ER-Hopped barrel package. All you need is your own ER-Patch (I suggest IER patch). Of course, you'd want to buy a patch for your gun anyway since there isn't a "1 size fits all" patch. Anyway, the barrel is a 409mm Madbull, 6.03mm. Metal hopup chamber with the extended M-Nub already installed. The barrel was cut by Cheeseman Industries. Like I said, just add a patch and you'll be shooting further and more accurate! $45 shipped
  10. Package deal on all 3 VFC cases?
  11. PM or post, I will check both! Trade list: V2 or V3 P* Engine MK18 GHK G5 GBBR Carbine Kit Installed 2 Non-leaky 40rnd Mags In great shape, shoots wonderfully in the 370~ range. Loud, fun, intimidating and just an all around mean rifle. ** T1, AFG, Suppressor not included with gun $330 shipped Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ra42JiTaiS4 T1 - SOLD PEQ - SOLD Magpul RVG - SOLD Madbull Gemtech - SOLD Madbull/Noveske Sound Amps - $25 ea. Shipped King Arms Blaser Sniper Rifle Took this on trade from a newer local player because he just HAD to have one of my guns lol.. Anyway, I have no use for it, but it is stock, in great shape and shoots very well for what it is. The straight pull bolt makes it a lot of fun and makes follow up shots a lot better. I'm trying to source a scope for this to make it more appealing.. Anyway, it's like $218 new and is still in new condition. Comes with 1 mag, original box, manual and allen wrench to put it together. $120 Shipped
  12. Looking for: V2 Complete Gearbox w/ motor, rear wires. I prefer one that is mid-end. Slightly modified is ok. MK18 Upper, don't need anything too fancy. I prefer a 9" rail, upper receiver and outer barrel. Inner barrel + hopup would be a bonus M4 Upper receiver. Metal, black, pretty self explanatory. Prefer a nicer one (VLTOR?) but I'll take what I can get. UBR Stock. Prefer a black and unpainted one, but I'll look at them all ICS CXP stock. Don't care if it's painted bright orange, I just want one! Paypay ready.
  13. Hey guys, I've been asked to do this for awhile not by a handful of people and I'm finally getting around to it. I'm sure a lot of you may not recognize or remember me, but if you saw this rifle, you definitely remember it. So here is a (long) complete overview of my built BAR10. Feel free to watch it all or skip around, there is an index in the description. Highlights include the suppressor test video and of course the 300' successful shot I made on my sister... that's right, my sister! Show some love!
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