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  1. Would 73mm difference between the length of the inner barrel vs the outer barrel be too much? Or would it be best to get a slightly smaller mock suppressor and only have a 33mm difference between the two. I am going between a 407mm and a 363mm inner barrel and cant quite decide which would be best; noting that the stock barrel is 330mm, and don't want to have to change any internal parts out. Thanks
  2. That looks awesome man!
  3. Has anyone used somthing like this before: ex: http://www.gunskins.com/ or similar vinyl/plastic decal set for their gun? its a pre-cut heat transfer camo set for m4, ar15, rifles, shotguns,pistols,etc. please reply with your experiences/opinions
  4. Tank you, you have been very helpful. The information you've provided me has been greatly beneficial.
  5. I should have been more specific when I asked how much longer the suppressor should be to the inner barrel, I meant what would be a good difference to have between the two. Ex: a 150mm suppressor would give me 25mm from the end of the inner barrel to the end of the supperssor. Or a 190mm suppressor would give me a 65mm difference. I know having the inner barrel length exceed the outer barrel length or running flush is not good, however I was unsure if say, 25mm is sufficient. I was simply asking for a general length difference that would be optimal. The 330mm barrel is a difficult length to find an aftermarket barrel with this exact length. Would it be alright to put the standard m4 length barrel (363mm) in without changing the cylinder? Does anyone know what bore the stock barrel is for my gun, I don't have a set of calipers to accuratly measure. Thanks
  6. hello, I am relativly new to airsoft and am seeking clairification and guidance for a few questions that I have. I have the G&G CM16 MOD 0 AEG rifle It is stock and the specs are: full metal type 2 gearbox, High torque long type motor. My current inner barrel is stock and measures 330mm long. I would like to get a tight bore inner barrel (6.03mm) that is 455mm long. I plan on getting a mock suppressor to attach to my gun to cover up the longer barrel. My questions are, firstly, Is this set up possible with the stock motor, gear box, etc.? If it would not work, what upgrade parts would be needed to make it work? How much longer should my suppressor be in relation to the inner barrel? Are there barrel spacers or stabilizers that would go around the inner barrel and fit snug inside the suppressor to help keep the longer barrel in place better, or is this not really an issue? Thank you for taking the time to read this and give feedback. All coments and recomendations are greatly apperciated.
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