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  1. Price Range: (Primary)$100-150(Gun Only)-$200(Gun+Scopes, Lasers, etc.) (Secondary)$100 (Tertiary)$50 Type of Gun: (Primary)Electric or CO2 (Secondary)Full-Metal/Mostly Metal CO2 Pistol/ or Spring Shotgun (Tertiary)Full-Metal/Mostly Metal Spring Pistol/Revolver Preferred Gun Models: (Primary)N/A Any CO2 Pistol Model that is full/mostly metal, can be used with a Mock Silencer/Suppressor, and has rails for a scope/laser or Any Spring Shotgun Model(Secondary) (Tertiary)Any Full Metal/Mostly-Metal Spring Pistol Model that can be used with a Mock Silencer/Suppressor and a Laser or a Any Revolver Model Role: Medic Medic. Lots of running around, defending myself while my fallen teammate counts to ten, not a lot of capturing-of-the-flag for me. Just getting my buddies back in the game when the game-type calls for it. So I need a loadout that can accommodate my needs. For my primary, I'm looking for something small and lightweight, but also sturdy and which will hold up for a long time with little maintenance(as little as can be expected for an airsoft gun). I want to be able to use high-cap magazines with it and I want it to be accurate at no less than 120 feet. For my secondary, I'm really looking for a good gas pistol, as I've found gas guns to be pretty reliable and also pretty accurate(I once used a non-blow-back gas 1911 that was accurate at 100 feet). I want the pistol to be full-metal or at least mostly metal, use standard CO2 cartridges, and I want the cartridges to be loaded into the gun itself and not into the clip. I want the pistol to have a threaded barrel(outter or inner) for silencer use, and I want to mount a laser on it. A top rail for a red/green dot would be nice too. Or, just a good, trusty spring shotgun. Either way, I want them to be accurate at pretty close to 100 feet for the pistol or no less than 100 feet for the shotgun. As for my tertiary, I want a decent hitting, decently accurate spring gun. Full or mostly metal. A revolver would be really cool, but if it's modeled after a blow-back type gun, then I want to be able to use a silencer with it. And either way, I want to put a laser on it, so some kind of rail system would be nice. Now here's the kicker. I don't want to have to buy any upgrades or do any modifications to my weapons. I want them to fit my needs out-of-box with me purchasing nothing more than a better-than-stock battery and B.B.'s. I don't know if there are any airsoft guns which perfectly fit my needs, so what I'm hoping for are guns that are pretty close. Please make some suggestions and point me in the right direction. Thank you. -Malysev
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