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  1. Hello, All! First off, thank you for taking the time to view this thread, and even more so if you decide to respond with any sort of advice. Now, I have fallen out of airsoft this year, due to getting engaged and trying to get set up for college and what not. BUT I'M MAKING A COME BACK! (; I have sold or given away %99 of my gear so I'm having to start from scratch. (which I'm actually okay with!) I have this oppurtunity to start a completely custom build based around a G&G Combat Machine Mod1. I am going with the blk/dust version. The reason why I have chosen this gun, is that I have owned a CM before and for being mainly polymer, they are surprisingly durable. And, all of the internals are going to end up being replaced anyways, so the stock parts are not important to me. At this point, you may be asking yourself, "Why doesn't he just buy a gun that is suiting aesthetically and already comes with decent internals?". This is a very good question, and I am glad that I decided to make you ask :D. Mainly, I want to have a %100 custom gun, completely put together by me. I feel that buying a gun right out, you don't get the emotional connection with your gun so you are more prone to get a year down the road and just sell it or trade it for something that you're going to end up doing the exact same thing with later down the road. Secondly, I have done a lot of research before making this decision, and finding a gun that I seem to come up with (IE the VFC Mod1, that only shoots like 320+/-, even though it is a $430 gun.) Yes, I do realize that fps isn't the biggest thing to look for in a gun, but I don't want to watch a person run away from my bb's before they even reach them. I also want to be able to both A. work well in cqb situations and B. also not compromise being able to reach out and tag someone from 200 ft. And finally, into the main point of this thread. Below, I am going to list all of the internal parts, along with a few external parts that I am planning on purchasing to make this gun worthy of my time. Please, feel free to put forth any opinions of advice (also offer a logical explanation of why you believe there should be a change) and I would love to go back and forth with some of you guys (and girls) on potential upgrades and such. So here goes: Internals: HOP UP UNIT: PROWIN M4 CNC HOPUP CHAMBER BUCKING: SYSTEMA HOPUP BUCKING MOTOR: GUARDER INFINITE TORQUE UP MOTOR (LONG) INNER BARREL: MADBULL BLACK PYTHON 6.03 TBB SPRING: JBU STEEL M120 HEAT TREATED SPRING GUIDE: SHS SUPER SHOOTER V3 PISTON: SHS SUPER SHOOTER 15 TOOTH PISTON HEAD: LONEX ALUMINUM VENTILATED NOZZLE: SHS AIR SEAL NOZZLE M4 ALUMINUM GEARS: SHS 32:1 SUPER SHOOTER ULTRA HIGH TORQUE Externals: STOCK: MAGPUL PTS CTR SIGHT: EOTECH REPLICA GRIP: MAGPUL PTS MOE FOREGRIP: MAGPUL AFG SILENCER: ALIEN AIRSOFT KAC QD SUPPRESSOR MAGPUL B.A.D. LEVER (FOR AESTHETIC PURPOSES ONLY) PEQ15 REPLICA
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