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  1. I have a King Arms m4 and the only problem ive had from an otherwise great gearbox would be with the cut-off lever. That is essentially the piece that make semi auto fire semi and not full. It wears down after awhile and I replaced it with another, metal, one. Ive had few problems with it since then and most of that is operator error. I would suggest throwing a better cut-off lever in then be done with it. Like guges said, your ideas are a little dated and expensive. I would do some more research then do the more expensive/ time-consuming mods.
  2. Wow, TY. Thats probably the most detailed response I've gotten. BTW, I'm 15. But ive been playing for 6-7 yrs. Also very helpful, ty I don't follow hockey but I understand what ur getting at, I'll take it to heart. From what I understand, lead by example and don't be afraid to listen to ur comrades.
  3. Ok thanks, I'll take this to heart. Like I said, I ahve my first meet with these guys saturday (1/10/15) so I'll try nice guy for a while to figure out where theyre minds are set. TY again
  4. Hey.guys its CptCarroll (or should I say Staff Sergeant Carroll...) here and I need some tips. I recently got promoted to staff sergeant on my team and now have to lead a squad. Problem is, I cant find any leadership tips on the forum. What kid of discipline should I use? When is it appropriate to do so? When should I promote? What kind of tactics should I use? Should I assign call signs or let them choose them? I need some experienced leaders to help me out! P.S. You should know that I have the beginner squad and its my job to train them so they can go into the other two squads.
  5. Its working fine now, its time to get a new charger. TY guys for trying to help me though! I appreciate it! and next time I try to get help, Ill f'in check the battery charge!
  6. Sorry typo, I meant 1600 mAH BTW, I had a problem with my cut off lever. I got it into today and installed it, still doesn't work. So I know that's not the problem now too. P.S. this time I took a look at a V2 dis-assembly guide so IK its not something I caused. Well I just found out that my charger glitched and didn't fully charge my battery. Maybe that's the problem? Wishful thinking.
  7. 9.6V 1800 Mah NiMh ~360- 370 Motor after extended play (4-5 hrs) Just use my hand, but ik that want the problem, trust me on that.
  8. Yeah, I did. Well, let me start at the beginning. I was messing around with my friend and suddenly my gun would stop. So, I took the handle apart and looked at the motor, everything seemed fine. Put it back together and it worked! For about 5 minutes. Same problem, tried it again but this time it didn't work. So, I bring it to my dad where we take apart the gun and gearbox. Everything looked fine and we put it back together fine. We concluded that the motor looks fine without any torque on it (usually unattached to the V2) but when it had torque on it, it couldn't take it. Idk why that is, so my dad and I might just be grasping on straws. I didn't do anything peculiar with the gun, sooo, idk. Its very strange. Or maybe its not and I'm just being nooby. Edit1: Oh and I didnt put the whole thing together. but I did connect the motor and pushed it into the gearbox entrance part thingy (Very professional) and it stalled out. Without torque, it was fine. So either its a Gearbox problem or a motor problem, they were the only things interacting (Minus the battery and wiring, which IK are fine)
  9. Yeah, sorry guges. I did rush my post a little. Do you know what the problem might be? I had my dad take the Gearbox apart and he's building a plane, so I know he didn't mess it up. We were thinking that maybe I burned my motor out, but, idk. You guys are the experts.
  10. Well, I don't even think its a gearbox problem anymore. But the problem is, when I pull the trigger nothing happens, like something is stuck. I took the gearbox apart and didn't find anything wrong. Could it be the motor?
  11. Hey guys, its me again. Today I have a pretty newbie question. What would be a good V2 Gearbox for my King Arms M4? Mine broke and I just want an all around upgrade. I would like to increase my accuracy the most, if that's possible with a gearbox... Anyways, yeah. My budget is around 60 bucks. I would like it to be full metal. Thank you ahead of time! Peaces, CptCarroll EDIT: Thats a complete one btw... EDIT2: Oh and its not rear wired
  12. Ok thanks. I ordered one two days ago and got it today, it seems nice so far, but, yet to try it in the field.
  13. This isn't condor but its the camouflage I use. (Also found on amazon, but, as you can see, not prime) P.S- I obviously have prime
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