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  1. I'm guessing an aluminum slide with cutouts is much lighter than its pot metal counterpart? And any suggestions for nozzle/piston lid combos?
  2. Being realistic, it doesn't really get over 85 that often in Michigan. But I've heard of people that can get 2-3 mags out of their G17 at the same temperature. Any help on how to do that?
  3. There seems to be a very little cutout on top of the nozzle where it feeds the bb. Don't know if it came from OEM or was self caused, but I don't know if it should be there. The piston lid looks to be in good shape, but how would I check for compression in a gbb? And what is the gas router? I'll try to post some pics as soon as I get back from work
  4. I'm guessing a Maple leaf "monster" is a gbb equivalent to mapleleafs 70°(?) Bucking? And what is a hop key?
  5. About 1, 1 1/12 on a warm day. (A warm day in Michigan. Is about 85-90°
  6. After getting a more rewarding job earlier, I finally have a larger amount of excess dough. This got me thinking, after using AEGs for all my career, I am thinking about deciding to branch out into GBB pistols. I've used them as sidearms, but not as primarys yet. I think this change of pace would be fun, and it would bring a diverse new style into the field I Olay at. So enough with backstory, now to what I am thinking about doing. I have a WE Glock 17 Gen 4, and have kept it completely bone stock. I've done basically cleaning and maintenance, but never have disassembled the gun much past taking out the outer/inner barrel. I would like to upgrade the accuracy, and gas efficiency of it, and make it look bad a**. I've read up on upgrades to the Glock, but have not gotten much agreement on certain things. For example, some people say that upgrading the floating valve will increase gas efficiency, but many others say there really is no difference. Some say don't mix and match slides and barrels, I.E Guarder barrel and airsoft surgeon slide, because both company's make their parts to slightly different specs. So what would I need internally to get the gun to what I want it to do? Also, what parts are of quality, but not airsoft surgeon expensive for externals? Thanks
  7. Where I play, Kalamazoo airsoft, our field is a indoor/outdoor type with indoor fps limits. This makes ingagements longer at some points and a higher fps helps on moving targets
  8. Well that messes up my whole build
  9. I would like to turn it into a standard Mp5A4/5 of sorts, Mp5k is isn't my favorite platform because in order to fit a 247mm+ inner barrel you need a mock suppressor that's longer than the front end of the gun
  10. Recently, I have acquired a JG MP5K of sorts, I will link the gun here http://www.airsoftmegastore.com/10418-jg-works-m5k-pdw-ris-airsoft-smg-rear-wired-aeg-crane-stock-jg-206.aspx It has that funky rail system, and a buffer tube for an M4 style stock. The gun I got though, had the entire backplate removed, and the top 2 pin holes are broken. So, in order to get this gun into shape I have a few questions 1. Is there any places or people that sell MP5 uppers that would fit a JG lower? By uppers I mean the actual receiver and barrel assembly, with cocking handle, sights, etc. I have found a jg metal reciever on evike, but the only barrel assembly I could find was an ICS one, and I've heard ICS Mp5 parts only fit other ICS's. So where could I find those parts? 2. If I do happen to find those ^ parts, I would plan on making it into a 25-30 rps cqb gun, shooting at 340-360 fps. I was thinking about using a type 2 cylinder, SHS piston, JG Blue motor/ZCI high torque, SHS 13:1 gears, Madbull or equivalent 6.03 inner barrel, maple leaf 70°(?) Bucking, and a new hopup. If other components are not up to par I'll most likely replace them too, but those would be the necessitys. I might add in a nukefet if it's in the budget. I'm a decently experienced tech, and this build shouldn't be too hard for me, I just want to get others opinions on it. Any thoughts would be great
  11. Does anyone know of any WW2 era spring sniper rifles? The only one I could find is the s&t Springfield 1903, but I have heard that there are others out there. Every thing mainstream seems to be very expensive, or gas. Edit: if there is any low priced gas versions that you can direct me to that would be nice also
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