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  1. So would this be good? 1. Maple Leaf RTX Concave Hop Up Nub 2. Maple Leaf 75 Degree AEG Hop Up Bucking 3. Magic Box Miracle TOT Inner Barrel (469mm)
  2. Are you sure? Like I said, Ive heard they wear out fast...
  3. pattern? and I have 2 guns. What hop packing? Do you mean the hybrid nub and bucking?
  4. So, Ive been making a lot of topics :P But im new and stuff and Im an aspiring airsmith. Im wondering how to increase the accuracy of my KWA SR10. I was thinking about a Miracle barrel, but their so contraversal I don't know if I should get it. Is a flat hop good? Ive heard they wear out fast... And I might do an R-hop, but Im super impatient so... Yeah its a last resort :P. Also, what barrels are good with them? I know 455mm is good so the BB doesnt over spin, but also lets it straighten out, especially with an 6.03, so it doesnt rub up on the barrel itself. And im also thinking about a panther mosfet, for the durability and ROF adjustment.
  5. Im new to airsoft, as you can probably tell, but Im wondering: Is the Hurricane SR-47 kit compatible with the KWA SR-10? I might get it, unless it doesnt fit, of course
  6. So.. a medium power piston would be better?
  7. Doesn't a low power spring raise ROF? Or does it not matter? Yeah, Im gonna get a Guarder 16:1 high speed gear set and a I guess a Lonex high torque motor. Should I replace the piston if I do that?
  8. Huh, alright, so would a high torque and speed be good? or just high torque? Should I replace the Spring? sorry for all the questions, but I want to be thourogh before I spend some money
  9. Lol, I changed my mind from a Miracle Barrel (Which has a R-Hop like system inside stock) to The Madbull Ver. 2 6.03 inner barrel. That's what you descrbed, right? Also, Im getting a lonex 16:1 gears and Lonex high speed motor
  10. Thanks, I do understand that, and Im getting a 16:1 Lonex gear set and a Lonex high speed motor. I do understand the amout of money for a new front end, and I found a good APS one for $80. Nothing fancy like Keymod, but fine for me.
  11. I meant that'll be a future replacement, down the line, I WILL replace the front end later. Should've specified that... But yeah just internal now
  12. So, I'm looking to upgrade my G&G CM16 Raider Long. I'm looking for a higher RPS and better accuracy. I'm thinking with going with a Magic Box Miracle Barrel and a Madbull M110 spring, also I'm replacing the entire front end because it's extremely odd, new outer barrel and Rails *IM GOING TO, NOT NOW!*. Are my part picks sound? And is the Stock gearbox good? if not, I might get a new gearbox altogether. Anything else I should replace? Thanks for your time. So, JUST a couple internals, not everything at once. -ZealousAirsoft3r
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