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  1. Your cell phone has a lithium polymer battery in it. (LiPo) If it is at 78%, an you leave it for a month, it will be at 78% when you come back. LiPo batteries do not need to be charged all the time.
  2. You guys are replying to a 2 1/2 year old post...
  3. It can be. If you can be an amazing sniper with a stock sniper that isn't upgraded at all, then it doesn't have to be a pay to win. You can learn to use a stock sniper. Pros- More upgrade parts Quieter Don't need to buy air tank or batteries or gas. One shot, one kill (I know you said pros but I think that is a pro :) ) Cons- Have to rack the bolt after each shot Only about 10-20 BBs in the magazine (depends) Can't be an HPA master race (:P) That's all I can really think of. I'm sure there are more. P.S. I wasn't saying you're a new player that chose a sniper as a first gun. I was just saying why first timers shouldn't get a sniper as a first gun :)
  4. SNR is just a fancy name for SR. As for an optic, not exactly needed but the most many people usually get is a 4x zoom.
  5. For CQB I would get something with a good trigger response. So any of the shorter Krytacs and the Ares with the microswitch trigger will be great.
  6. 1. In most cases, cheaper. ~$500 for just the whole HPA set up (SMP), plus upgrades and the base gun will be another 300 if you go cheap. Springs can be quieter too. 2. Yup. To have a fairly decent sniper that shoots hard and far, while being accurate costs money. A good amount too. This is why we tell people not to buy a sniper as a first airsoft gun. It takes some money for that sniper to be a good sniper. 3. There is a sniper rifle section about a 1/3rd the way down the page, but I don't you will get in trouble 4. There is nothing more satisfying that cocking that bolt to load a single BB and getting 1 shot and taking somebody down with just 1 shot. It can be the same also if you HPA a bolt action. It just isn't as satisfying (IMO) hitting somebody with 10 shots from a long distance as compared to 1. If you put enough time and upgrades into your spring sniper, it can out shoot any HPA gun it goes against.
  7. I think sliding a receiver off to swap hopup and inner barrel is easier than taking off the entire front assembly of an AK. The easier to take apart the easier it is to break? Where is the logical explanation for that? The pin didn't go in? You either used the wrong pin or the wrong receiver. And yes some are unique and wont work with each other. And for that big long list of AKs you mentioned... literally just a customized AK. Not really a varient... A contracter AK is an AK with rails and a different stock. Oooooo so unique. You are just saying stuff with no explanation or reasoning behind your opinion. How are V3 P*s more reliable that a V2? "and the fire selector isnt confusing to a low iq person like me" You must have a very small IQ if you don't know how to rotate a pin to "safe, semi. auto" I can go on and on with this mess you typed up. Don't get me wrong I love AKs. I have 2 of them. But the whole F*cking purpose of an airsoft gun is to shoot a little white piece of plastic ball.
  8. VFC QRS stock should be able to hold that battery. http://www.evike.com/products/53339/ It works with large 11.1v lipo batteries so it should work.
  9. Because there are AK style DMR/Snipers already. SVD and SVU.
  10. I know. I didn't want him to get the wrong idea about the DMR role.
  11. Long barrel does not equal a DMR. DMRs are a semi only rifle, that takes some serious upgrades. I reccomend either the CRB or SPR. The SPR has a longer inner barrel so you will get better groupings. Like I said my friend has the SPR and it is very accurate and seems very reliable. One of the best you can get for long engagements is the SPR. If you are looking for good balance then get the CRB. They are both pretty close in price.
  12. All 3 of those guns a good. Except Echo 1, they are just a rebrander with slightly higher QC. But if you want a good, all around gun, Krytac. Probably one of the best guns to buy stock. (http://www.evike.com/products/63621/) Great RoF with a 9.6. My friend has the SPR and it is just amazing. E&L gen 2 AKs are also very good. I thought the gen 1 were great. But with the gen 2 it's apparently even better. I like ICS and their split gearboxes. Very reliable also. BUT if I were you, I would get one of the Krytacs. (http://www.evike.com/index.php?manufacturers_id=330&sort=6d&filter_id=)
  13. (IMO) Easiest to upgrade. Pop out a pin to change hop up and barrel, pop out 2 pins and unscrew a few screws and you're at the gearbox. Unscrew the motor base plate to change motor and pistol grip.
  14. Are the tabs on your blowback bolt making contact with the piston? Is the spring that pulls the bolt forward still in place? Check to make sure the tiny tabs on you charging handle are still there also. As for the motor problem, it sounds like you have a dead or dying battery. Fully charge it then try again. If that doesn't work, check your battery connection points. And if those are fine, check your motor connection. I own an APS also. ASR 115 to be exact. Guges, the new APS guns are very nice. The gearbox is great. I've been using mine extensively for over a year and it is just fine. The HRBRiD series is garbage I know.
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