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  1. Oh yea, the G&G CQW WASP? BAE or NAY
  2. I want the selection so I know its reliable, then I can focus on aesthetics(looks/design). To be more specific, I don't want your generic m4/m16 or ak-47. Something a little more unusual. This is for me and my friends not for a field restrictions.
  3. Im looking into brands so it will allow me to pick from their selection.
  4. Im looking for a new gun, and am looking for brand suggestions. Things to consider, good gun out of box, or modifiable to be good. Price range is nothing over $200, yet could be more with a coupon/discount. Im looking for a reliable BRAND not gun. A brand know to have good internals, or upgraded withing price range. A company that uses full metal or high quality polymer. Ive herd many mixed feelings, now looking for a more definitive answer. Thanks
  5. echo 1 xcr-c- looks good, american made(ish), any complaints?
  6. If you lookat an earlier post, I don't want an ak that looks generic. This one (the echo 1) doesnt look like the ak's you see in bond movies-eg http://www.airsoftmegastore.com/10142-400-fps-ak47-cm028a-airsoft-aeg-rifle-faux-wood-cyma-cm028-vpower.aspx
  7. https://www.airrattle.com/ECHO1-Genesis-OCW-AK-AEG-p/jp-93.htm ?
  8. Ok, something relative small, yet can fire across relative long distance. mostly cqc with occasional distance. Accuracy is big issue yet that can generally be fixed with "If you want accuracy, then you only need better hop-up, barrel, and compression." FPS is not an issue, no such thing as too much
  9. Thats it though im looking for a wide varity of choices.
  10. Back to the topic, are bullpup rifles worth, if so what. Noting over 150ish. Anything can be recommended(Doesnt HAVE to be bullpup) jut no generic m4's or AK's please.
  11. Classic Army Sportline Swiss Arms Sig 552 RIS Metal Gearbox Airsoft AEG?
  12. And any idea on where I can buy used airsoft guns? Not in the mood to spend $350 on an AEG.
  13. What do you think of the a+ REAPS bucking?
  14. K, but is it an easily modifiable gun?
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