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  1. Finally have it narrowed down to two guns and my upgrades/mods. I am going for higher RPS and medium-long range accuracy for Milsim games. Mods/upgrades will be: SHS 13:1 Gears JG Blue Motor SHS piston 14 teeth/metal SHS BB piston head Prometheus M120 spring Metal bushings Shims MOSFET LiPo 11.1V 25/50C 4000 mAh Sorbopads for AOE ZCI BB spring guide SHS air nozzle aluminum w/ O-ring Guns will be:
  2. I wasn't planning on buying gas blowback, the model G&G I was looking into is an electric blowback
  3. I am totally new to airsoft and in the process of selecting my first gun. Most of the playing around me is indoor but I really want to get into milsim. I have decided I want to go the route of an AEG M4 platform and have a few questions. I really like the idea of electric blowback models, for more realism, is the ROF reduced any on AEG's with blowback? If so how much? My budget is pretty much up for $350-$400. I was really looking into the G&G TR15 raider XL with the blowback
  4. Hey everyone names Joe and I am new here from CT. I am brand new to air soft but after watching a bunch of videos and reading about it, seems like something I would really enjoy. I want to really get into milsim mostly. I'm here for any help I can find and help in deciding where and what to begin with.
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