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  1. Hey everone. First, a few things about myself. I am a relatively new player on the east coast and have only been playing for just over a year now, so this guide is intended for beginners and intermediate players but veterans are welcome to read as well. Now on to the guide. This guide is intended to improve airsoft immersion for those who intended to play the sniper role in an airsoft game. A separate sniper gun guide will be made because I intend for this article to concentrate only on the gameplay. Mission: Contrary to popular airsoft belief that a sniper's main objective is to get kills or long range kills, snipers are more long distance spotters that detect threats from a far, rather than just long distance killers. Just as in real life. A sniper's view of the battleground from a vantage point is more important than kills. If the sniper has a clear shot, but that shot will compromise his position and force him to move, he/she should not take it. Having a good position on the battlefield is better than having a lot of kills. Also, a good sniper alerts his/her teammates to any changes or incoming hazards in the terrain. What you will need: Strong scope A good scope is characterized as a scope that is comfortable for the shooter. So choose a scope that is the most comfortable for you. Even though airsoft fields are not that large, scopes that have powerful zooms are still useful. Don't worry if you won't be able to use that strong zoom for your gun, as airsoft guns don't have the range and accuracy real guns have, you will be able to use the zoom for long range spotting. Radio You may be successful in doing your objectives, but good spotting isn't good until you can tell you teammates about the threat or the terrain they will be in. It doesn't have to be a strong radio, but it helps if it is, just as long as you and your teammates will be able to communicate with each other. Gun and Accessories The sniper rifle will be discussed in a different article, but it is good to have the necessary accessories which are but not limited to: Extra magazines Sidearm and extra magazines Extra CO2, BBs, Speed reloader An observing scope (optional, but great to have if you have a spotter* with you) (Spotter- one of your teammates who will come to you on your sniping mission, he/she preferably needs to have an assault rifle, and knowledge of sniping objectives. NOTE: Less is more. If you are preparing your loud out for a sniping mission, only bring the necessary stuff. It is easier to be stealthy when you are carrying less equipment. Characteristics of a sniper: Ballistics expert on his/her gun You don't have to take ballistics course or anything, you just need to be proficient in shooting your gun. By proficient, I mean, you know what your gun will be able to do and not be able to do when you pull the trigger. Stealthy and Patient Stealth is a vital characteristic when being a sniper. Remember we have discussed that a sniper getting a good position is better than getting a lot of kills. A stealthy sniper, will not compromise his position no matter what. So it is in your best interest to be stealthy from THE START OF THE GAME. If your enemies see you running to your spot at the start of the game, you're doing it wrong. Also, not all clear shots should be taken. Be patient, and think about what will happen if you shoot or not. Good Communication Communication is key in any airsoft game. Think about a first person shooter game that has mini maps. In real life, you don't have a mini map, and therefore you will not be alerted if a threat popped up. So, as a sniper, you are that mini-map that alerts your teammates from threats. The vantage point: So far we have discussed the importance of position in a sniping mission. But how do we know what position is the best position. It depends on different fields, but a good vantage point can have these characteristics: Elevation: High spots on fields are good because your vision is less hindered, unlike on the ground where larger objects hinder your sight. Wide view: A good location should give you a wide view of the battlegrounds and not a narrow and limited one. Why? The more you see, the more aware you are of the situation or more importantly the situation that is about to take place. If you have 180 degree view of the battle ground or more, you have a good spot. View of your teammates, and a long distance far ahead: A good position is where you can see the people you are trying to protect, and where they are headed. Being proficient with handling your gun is also important when choosing a location because you know how far your gun will shoot, at what distance will wind affect your bbs, and at what distance will your gunshot sound will be muffled. NOTE: A sniper should be able to memorize the terrain quickly. The quicker the better. Once you've memorized the terrain, anomalies will be more noticeable. An example is the silhouette of tree lines. Possible targets from a far will look like shadowy figures, but a good sniper will be able to differentiate targets from tree silhouettes even if the targets are moving or are trying to blend in. In conclusion, sniper's main job is to make the battle easier for the main infantry, and field soldiers, and not racking up kills. To put this in perspective, your scope is your weapon, your radio is your magazine, and your gun is your side arm. Kills don't define a successful sniper. Good references for shooting (same thing can apply for airsoft): Setting up your scope for Success
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