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  1. 1) make sure your squad has some sort of income, for logistics. selling drugs is the easy route, but if you can get investors, try to start a record label. 2) the other squads are counting on you guys to function as an autonomous research and development corps. don't use any guns which you yourselves did not scratch-build out of nerf products and household items. 3) this is the important part- PT is for sissies. the only pushups you guys need are bible study, and bathing together. 4) second guess other leaders at every opportunity. demonstrate leadership by bending them to your will. 5) anyone with a lower rank than you owes you money, refreshments, and cigarettes. 6) use a BIC pen to discharge your magazines so the springs don't wear out when you store them.
  2. I'm a constituent of the CQB giant shotgun application- my paint slinging days taught me that newer/more reserved players often make the mistake of crowding the homecourt, and even vets who know the field will sometimes go to the same places to catch those magic angles- being able to know these locations and glancefire a salvo of 200+ rounds at the backside of a problematic bunker can make the deep flank life easy. but your gun just got frontheavy as hell, your plate carrier is loaded down with your shell loadout, and unless you're running one of the HK type launchers with their own pistol grip, the giant tube can play havok with your ergonomics. the main complaint I hear in my research is range. PROTIP: it's connected to a gun. use the gun at range. use the launcher closer up. AEG full auto fire tends to create a spreading 'cloud' shape at longer ranges anyway, which is basically a similar effect to a lowcap shell. ten or twenty BBs hitting an area about a foot in diameter. upgraded laser cannon miracle barrel/tightbore/widebore jobs being an exception.
  3. that's a super valid point- shots vs power. I think it's good to try different stuff and see what works- videos show some pretty effective group brooming with hicap shells, but I'm sure the effective range is a joke. the bottom line is that you're not using this thing as a primary- it's a bag-of-tricks type deal.
  4. 1) focus entirely on getting kills because you are the most important player 2) anyone on the ground calling for you is a crybaby 3) do shots, wear sunglasses, and for god's sake, smoke. 4) anyone who dies out of cover is a noob, only revive players who are wearing GoPros or who have established popular YouTube channels, make sure to throw shout outs to your friends directly into their helmet cams. 5) if you run out of ammo, your team mates are scrubs who can't teamplay- cohesion dictates that they surrender extra STANAGs to keep you up and working 6) radios are for babies, this isn't splinter cell- just shout out any orders or locations. 7) pop a smoke on your position. ALWAYS. 8) establish a MASH in the first hard structure your team occupies and refuse to leave- make sure they leave you a guard as well as someone to drag wounded around. 9) second thought? just pop the smoke and leave it on your vest- that'd be so rad. 10) when most of your team is down, run a solo flank op to clear enemy positions from behind- cut a bee line directly to the right side of the AO and then back, laying down your own suppressing fire on any suspected enemy positions. 11) a downed player's AEG belongs to you, it's MILSIM. would you leave valuable supplies out in the field? roleplay, man. 12) geneva convention says that medics are invalid military targets- shots that hit you don't count.
  5. I was talking about the three flagship models- for a long time the only 'aep' class weapons were the mauri G18, USP, and MP7
  6. my thought on them, if I were getting one, and I probably will, is to run a madbull, eat the price on shells, maintain them, and just accept that there's going to be some reliability issues. ]I wouldn't use one to try to volley rounds in, although I'm sure a hicap shell could make it hail pretty well. my thought on the role is to be an aggressive hard charger, flank rough, and keep it in mind for bunched up slowpoke enemies who are crowding barricades well behind the line that more aggro enemies have set up. it's for those sneaky 3 pointers from the corner of the court. plus, pick up the foam rocket or dummy head and use it for vehicle scenarios. if you're trying to lob something in and clear a position ahead of you, the good lord was kind enough to provide us with tornado grenades.
  7. can we talk for a second about how over-engineered that hypothetical rail body is?
  8. you're walking up to the corner store for some junk food when you stumble upon a hat. not just any hat, it's a hat full of cash. how much cash? at this point, quantity no longer has meaning. this hat is jam packed with the stuff. too much. inside is a note in neat script; my only dream is that some jerk uses this money to buy a toy gun. - B. gates fate, it seems, has chosen you. a thread for that custom build, that cockeyed scheme, that HPA HK21E1 that you'd have to have basically custom machined, you name it. it's your hat full of cash. I kind of showed my hand already, but the long RIS version of the JG G3, with an HK91 stock, a machined fake feed panel from shapeways, and an HPA kit would be a quick route to a very unique looking support gun. you'd fit it with a custom made box mag out of a surplus 7.62 ammo box, using m249 box internals, with the added space going towards a bigger reservoir. 8000 rnd autowind? sure, boss. I'd run the HPA hose out of the stock and up the inside of the sling along a sling pad, into a tactical pack. the kit would run me between 1200 and 2000, but at some point I might replace the upper reciever with something steel.
  9. khan seb has a review up for the TM standalone M203- which, if memory serves, can be fitted to a rifle- it's different than others, it has barrels and the gas goes in the launcher, not the grenade. his firing test has him hitting okay groups at AEG distances (not the high side of those distances, but bleh) granted, it's essentially six gas pistols firing simultaneously, where a traditional shell is more like chucking a fistful of BBs very hard downrange I also seem to recall a spring m203 back in the day that used the older marui trishot shells. those trishot guns do NOT create a wall of fire on demand, but the spread can be deadly all the same. EDIT: the review is actually of the M320- the 203 is probably the same though
  10. I'm curious about these, too- I was looking at the smooth madbull short launcher- I've seen a lot of youtube gameplay where big groups get wrecked by some of the hicap shells (the deepfire 180 isn't even the biggest anymore, but a hundred and eighty bbs is basically a wall of fire) and my thought is that if you have 9 or so inches of rail space, you gotta do SOMETHING with it. it is extra weight, though, and extra shells are expensive- not to mention that shells are super finickey and that gas power can be temp sensitive in the extreme. lots of mil-sim ops won't let you get the most out of them either, they ban them in CQ because IRL no one shoots off a 203 in room-to-room combat (it wouldn't even detonate) yes, they are basically giant shotguns- the downside is that they're just shotguns, the upside is that they are shotguns. at least they're shotguns. it's an effing shotgun.
  11. what it needs is a bluetooth function- instead of honking, it could alert you over comms
  12. THIS IS TOO RAD. very dynamic, almost futuristic. you should take commissions.
  13. it's a little harsh to call the other alternatives clones- there are a metric ton of clones, no doubt, but there are as many guns in any price range that are non- marui derivative. unless you count any AEG as being marui derivative, which is probably a fair point. also a lot of evolution has happened in the cloneworld, to the point where many of the guns barely resemble their grandfather.
  14. hey! new G5 mags are $60+. this is not ideal. if you've got used G5 compatible mags, I'll see about taking them off your hands in the next couple of weeks! I'm not against mags that need a touch of silicone to fight leaking or that need something really minor, but if the mag is outright broken, I'm too much of a newguy to fix it. I'm looking for $100/3 mags- that's definitely a starting place, though- if you've got them but you have a different number in mind, there's good odds we can be in business.
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